Time waits for no man (or woman). Never a truer word spoken. How are you using the time you have left to you?

Do you spend it wishing that you had more money?

Do you spend it moaning about your job or boss?

Can you see these are “desperate” behaviours?


Do you spend it in search of a better life for you and your family?

Do you take action that leads to results?

Do you seek out people who can help you achieve your goals?

These are all “professional” behaviours, much more likely to bring about the changes you are looking for.

Okay, so what have we learned so far?

  1. We know that it is possible to make a living from a new business, and that it’s a growing trend with lots of potential
  2. We know that most new businesses fail because they focus on getting those first few sales, and then lack the skills and knowledge to take their business further.
  3. Successful business owners succeed because they focus on creating and developing the processes and systems that their long term business will depend on for constant sales and new customers.
  4. The best way to learn and develop these skills is to take professional training, but only invest in training that will teach all five of the necessary systems that your business needs to grow.

Knowing things isn’t the same as understanding things

Okay, now it’s time to tackle that last problem that you have. Your mindset.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It takes hard work, discipline, tenacity and persistence. Anyone who tells you it’s not hard is, quite frankly, lying.

You will be frustrated, overwhelmed, tired and emotional. You will feel the ups and downs of elation and anguish.

Sometimes, even when we know why these things happen, we can still fall victim to our mental barriers. These barriers can be a real hurdle on our path to success.

But, you can increase your chances of success hugely if you address these 3 issues in your mental and physical world.

The time issue

Before you can decide which training opportunity is right for you, you must first consider these things:

  • When is the right time to launch my business and get the training I need?
  • Do I really have the time for this?
  • How do I make time for this?

The answer to the first question is really up to you. How soon do you want to start your business? There’s no right or wrong answer but there is something you need to bear in mind.

If you want to start your business as soon as possible ie in the next six months, you are going to need to start your business training pretty much immediately. Learning the skills involved in being an entrepreneur takes time, lots of time, and learning how to set up your business systems will take time too. You need to factor this into your business plan.

You therefore have two choices. You can start right now OR you can keep putting it off until a better time and delay your dream for another month, year, decade….

When you ask yourself a question like “can I really find the time for this?” what you are really asking is “can I really do this. Will I mess it up and look like an idiot?” If you don’t believe me consider this…

We ALWAYS manage to find time to do the things we really WANT to do.

If it’s important to you, you will find the time. The reason we often think we can’t find time to do something is that we are not sure we actually want to do it, or we are scared or anxious about how it might turn out. We are worried about failure and so have doubts about whether it’s actually what we want. This is natural. We all feel like this from time to time.

As human beings we either run FROM fear or TOWARDS reward. Once your excitement and determination to succeed reaches the point that it overcomes the fear of failure you will find the time you need to complete your training.

So, let’s see if you’re truly ready to make this career change.

Think about why you want to be a business owner and have your own business. Are you thinking? Good, now finish the sentence below…

I want to have my own business because _________________________________

Having a strong “Why” will help you get over your fear.

Here’s my why…

“I want to have my own blogging business because I want to be able to be my own boss and work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and internet connection.”

This is important to me because I don’t want to be trapped into working in one place every day from 9 – 5 and having to take holidays when I’m told I’m allowed to.

My why is so strong that it drives me on when I am tired, unmotivated, or failing miserably at something (yes I still do and so will you).

If you are really struggling to find time, perhaps you are a busy working Mom, don’t think of getting your training and starting your business as one huge event, instead see it as a process. One step at a time.

Most of us can find half an hour or an hour each day to do something for ourselves. We can forego the next soap opera showing or opt out of a binge-watching session of Shameless. We can put this time to good use rather than wasting it.

One hour of study a day means you get a whole day’s worth done in a week. That’s a lot of studying. It doesn’t have to take over your whole life.

Schedule the time in your diary or on your calendar. This way you won’t be likely to forget. It will also make it seem more important. It will be good practice for you as a budding entrepreneur as you will need to learn time management skills if your business is going to stay on track.

The commitment issue

To make progress in our lives, or business, we need to accept that changes need to happen. We are not going to change as a person if we are not taking the steps that lead us to that change.

How often have you committed to something that you have later had to renege on because you had stretched yourself too thinly? The yes syndrome. Not feeling comfortable about saying no or thinking that you’ll hurt someone’s feelings if you do.

Your business is not going to grow unless you commit to making it happen. Commitment means actually showing up in your business and taking action. It is the actions that you take that will bring about the results you desire.

How can you make sure you commit to your business?

Set goals. Set proper goals. If you’re not sure how to do this you can download my Goal Conquering System here. Write them down. The act of writing down your goals makes them more tangible. You can see them and know what you are trying to achieve. This makes them more likely to be achieved in the time frame you set yourself.

Say your goals out loud at least five times a day. More if you can. This will help it become accepted by your subconscious. This in turn will mean that your subconscious will help you rather than be the hindrance that it often is when you try to make changes in your life.

Tell people what you are doing. I know, nail biting time. “I don’t want to” I hear you mutter. “what if I don’t do it and they look at me with that disappointed expression?“. Yes, exactly, by telling people that you are going to do it you are more likely to actually do it. You won’t want that disappointed gaze or look of I knew it wouldn’t happen. You will hold yourself accountable if you have told others of your intentions.

The action issue

This, for me, is the most important issue to address. It is the actions that you take that bring about the results that you desire.

It doesn’t matter how long or hard you wish for something, unless you get off your butt and do something about it, it’s not likely ever going to happen is it?

But it doesn’t matter how committed you are to your new business, there will be days when you just can’t get motivated or your mojo is just letting you down.

There will be days when just about everything goes wrong – I’ve lost count of the amount of those days I’ve had over the years.

You will also have days where you are just over thinking things and you just need to get out of your own way.

As you are looking into which programme or private coach is best for you, make sure you choose one that is going to help you to take action.

You might want to check whether:

  • There is an action plan built in to the course. Does it give actionable steps for you to follow that are specific and measurable
  • Does it have additional support for those days when you just can’t get things to work or you just need a little push in the right direction.

After all, the whole point in getting help is that you get some help right?

How do you find one of these amazing programmes that help you build your dream business?

Well, there are advertisements all over social media and Google for coaches who will help you build your perfect business. But will they?

Thousands of coaches across the world claim to be able to help you build a business, but are they really business owners, or coaches? If they are business owners do they have coaching experience? If they are coaches do they have experience in building businesses that have different models to their own?

But, most importantly, can any of them teach you all five systems that you are going to need to master if you are going to have a successful blogging business?

That’s narrowed it down a little, but that still leaves thousands out there, so how do you know which one to choose?

Here’s something that is both helpful and 100% non-tacky…

To find out what that is, click here