Welcome to The Simple System Mentoring Programme

Hello, and a very big welcome to the Simple System to a Six-figure Business mentoring programme.

I am very excited to begin our journey together and can’t wait to get started on showing you how to start increasing your turnover each month until you hit that magic number!

What happens now?

I will set up your log in details for access to the online training and email them to you. Please send me an email with the subject “simple system login” and I will reply to it, that way it is much less likely to end up in a spam folder.

Once you receive your login details you can access the training and begin on creating your hook (chapter one). This is really important as it will be the thing that grabs the attention of your “would be” customer.

Take your time and work through everything in the workbook. You only need to do it once so make sure it’s right.

When can I book my first one-to-one session?

Once I have sorted out your login details for your online access and emailed them to you I will also include a selection of dates and times for us to get together for our first one-to-one session. You just need to say which one suits you best (and whether it’s via skype or in person) and that’s it. Simple as ever.

Send me an email now with the subject “simple system login” to info@thebusinessbuilderonline.com

Speak soon