Here are the results I promised from my first week of using TrafficWonker. I am surprised as they are better than I had anticipated, being the first week and all.

Not only did they schedule my pins so that I had something going out every day, they also helped me to improve my Pinterest profile ENORMOUSLY – here’s how…

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First of all let me tell you how easy it is to set up your “Expert” library. Okay, so I’m a little tech savvy, but to be honest, this is so easy even your gran could do it.

First you click on the library tab as shown below.

You then start adding your pins. TrafficWonker also tells you how to add them and the best order to do this in. For your first 30 pins go to Pinterest analytics and find the pins that are driving the most traffic, ie your most popular pins. This is what you are looking for.

Notice that I have changed the “top pins” tab to link clicks. The pins that get clicked are the most successful pins so these are the ones you want to put into your TrafficWonker library.

Pin the bottom one (or number 30) first as the most popular will then be at the top of your library and so be shown as the newest pin. This, it seems, is important to the Wonkerbots that will pin your pins and work out your strategy.

To add your first pin simply click on the add pin tab as shown below…

You will then have a window like this appear

You are going to need the URL of the pin that you want to add. To get this go back to Pinterest analytics and click on the image of the pin that you want to add. This will open up the pin and you can then go and grab the URL from the search bar at the top of the screen.

Simply add the url and click on add boards. Choose one or two boards that you would like this pin to be added to. Obviously, the more appropriate the board the better.

Simply carry on doing this until you have at least 30 of your own pins added.

Now click on the “curated pin” tab and go and add at least 30 pins that you have repinned from other pinners. You will now have a minimum of 60 pins for TrafficWonker’s bots to work with.

They will now pin your pins and work out the best pinning strategy for you. They do this every single week – starting on a Sunday, so every week your strategy is assessed and your schedule will change accordingly.

Unlike the Tailwind scheduler, you will never run out of pins on your schedule and you can have full peace of mind that they are being pinned in the most strategic way possible.

So, I started my TrafficWonker experience last Friday and added my 60 or so pins. Here’s what’s happened since then…

TrafficWonker has pinned my pins and done it’s thing with its algorithms, working out a strategy that is best for my pinning schedule.

As you can see below, the graph clearly shows that there has been an increase in visits to my site in the last 7 days (the previous 7 days are shown with the dotted line). The sudden peak in traffic on that one day last week was in response to a Facebook offer that I ran so I am excluding that from my data.

I started using TrafficWonker on 19th July and you can see that as soon as the 21st, things started to happen. This last 4 days I have had 260 visits to my website whereas the previous week (excluding the offer day) I had just 120.

This means that I have more than doubled my traffic in this short space of time. I know, however, that there will be peaks and troughs, especially while the Wonkerbots are establishing my strategy.

I will be very interested to see what happens next week as I have taken some advice that has been given to me by TrafficWonker in the stats that are available.

I have made improvements to my pin descriptions to optimise them for Pinterest and I have made massive improvements to my boards (as per their advice and guidance). Let’s see if it works.

I’ll check back with you next week to let you know what happens.

If you would like to get started with TrafficWonker and see those fantastic results that I am experiencing already, you can get a month’s free trial right here.