Mentoring Programme.

Are you tired of hitting roadblocks in your business? Ready to skyrocket your success and profits? It’s time to take action and join our exclusive one-to-one mentoring programme!

Why Choose Our Programme?

Personalised Guidance: With our one-to-one mentoring, you get undivided attention. We tailor our guidance specifically to your business needs and goals.

Weekly Deep Dive: You’ll have a 2-hour session with our expert mentor every week for 4 weeks. It’s like having your personal business guru on speed dial!

Tech Support: Don’t let technology hold you back! We provide all the tech support you need to implement our strategies seamlessly.

Unlimited Support: Questions, doubts, or need some extra guidance? We’ve got your back with unlimited additional support whenever you need it.

The S.E.L.L. System: Our mentoring programme is built on the proven S.E.L.L. System™ – a powerful framework that has transformed countless businesses.

What You’ll Achieve:

Strategic Growth: We’ll help you map out a growth strategy that aligns with your unique business objectives.

Increased Revenue: Learn how to boost your sales and revenue without burning out.

Efficient Processes: Streamline your operations and increase efficiency for sustainable growth.

Market Domination: Discover how to stand out in your industry and attract your ideal customers.

Why Act Now?

The business world is constantly evolving. Don’t get left behind. Secure your spot in our one-to-one mentoring programme and get ready for a transformational journey!

Investment in Success: Think of it as an investment in your future. The ROI from the knowledge and strategies you’ll gain is immeasurable.

Take Action: Success favours the bold. Take action now and watch your business soar.

Limited Spots Available: To ensure quality, we only take on 3 mentees per month. Don’t miss your chance!

Ready to embark on a journey towards unparalleled business success?

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Let’s partner together to unlock your business’s full potential. Contact us now and secure your spot in our one-to-one mentoring programme. Your dream business awaits!

All of this personalised support for just £3,000

*All of our services allow you to pay up front or take advantage of our payment terms.

Stand Out

I am going to help you quickly and easily attract the attention of your dream customers by working with you to create messaging that connects and offers that they simply can’t refuse.


I am going to help you come up with introductory offers that engage your ideal clients and make it a complete no-brainer to work with you so that you can sell your products and services quicker and easier. 


 am going to share with you ALL the tactics we use to leverage our leads so that you can turn more of them into paying customers so that you can get more from your marketing efforts

Level Up

I will work with you to come up with ideas for how you can level up your business by keeping customers in your world so that you can turn them into repeat buyers, brand ambassadors and your biggest fans who will then do your selling for you.

Your Programme your Way

This is all about you. You choose the day and time that suits you best for our one-to-ones.  You choose when you need extra support and how you’d like to receive it. You tell us what you want and we’ll deliver it – with a bow on!


Get Results Fast!

With a mentor by your side, you can kiss those ‘right thing at the right time in the right order’ worries goodbye. We’ve got you covered, ensuring success lands on your doorstep faster than you can say ‘ker-ching!’

Say goodbye to the headaches of figuring it all out on your own!  Our 4-week programme is your shortcut to success, complete with our trusty S.E.L.L System™ to keep you company long after the programme ends. So, you’ll never have to wander alone in the business wilderness again!

Individual Support

This programme is all about you! Your goals, your customers, your messaging, your business and your results. There’s no cookie cutter options here my friend.


You choose the goals and we’ll ensure you achieve ’em. Our weekly one-to-ones will hold you accountable for your actions (or lack thereof)

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