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Are you looking for someone to work alongside you and guide you through the minefield that is business building?

Our exclusive 4-week one-to-one mentoring programme is your key to identifying those elusive gaps where sales and leads are slipping through unnoticed.

Priced at £3,000*, this personalised journey will uncover the hidden obstacles hindering your growth and equip you with effective strategies to plug those leaks.

Our expert mentor will work closely with you utilising our simple and proven 4-step S.E.L.L. System™ and offering invaluable insights and tailored solutions that will transform your business’s sales and lead generation.

Don’t let another opportunity slip away—invest in your business’s success today and secure a brighter, more prosperous future. Join our mentoring programme and start seizing every potential lead and sale that comes your way!

Includes: Weekly one-to-one sessions, Video Tutorials, Step-by-Step Instructions, Worksheets, feedback and all the support you can handle.

*All of our services allow you to pay up front or take advantage of our payment terms.

Stand Out

We are going to help you quickly and easily attract the attention of your dream customers by working with you to create messaging that connects and offers that they simply can’t refuse.


We are going to help you come up with introductory offers that engage your ideal clients and make it a complete no-brainer to work with you.


We are going to share with you ALL the tactics we use to leverage our leads so that you can turn more of them into paying customers so that you can get more from your marketing efforts.

Level Up

We will help you level up your business by keeping customers in your world so that you can turn them into repeat buyers, brand ambassadors and your biggest fans who will then do your selling for you.

I wanted to increase my turnover without having to increase my caseload as I was already running at capacity and Lynne had been recommended to me as someone who could help me.

After just 3 sessions we had figured out what I was going to sell, who I was going to sell it to and what my offer and messaging would be.  She also guided me through my online course creation (with all the technical bits taken care of too) and helped me get my payment gateways set up so that I could start promoting my course as soon as possible.

She is easy to work with, patient and understanding and there is nothing you can’t ask her that she won’t find an answer for.

If you are looking for somoene to build, grow or scale your business I would thoroughly recommend Lynne and her amazing S.E.L.L. System

Stephen Grinnell

Rehabilitation Specialist, Energy Medicine


Improve Your Results

Having us beside you every step of the way will help your results as you will know that you are doing the right things at the right time and in the right order. We will support you with any tech issues, copywriting, image searches or anything else you need me for.  You will have unlimited 1 to 1 support from us for the duration of your mentorship programme (pro rata to the time frame you choose). You will see the difference from day one!


Your lead generation, social media and email campaigns will all be done for you within the time frame of the programme


You will get unlimited support with your marketing including copywriting, image creation, reels or videos

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