There are at least 3 reasons why a free privacy policy will hurt your blog, but I’m sure you might be able to think of more once you’ve finished reading this post.

I have listed the 3 reasons in no particular order except how they come to mind but they are probably all as important as each other in one way or another. You might not have thought about reason number 3 but it can be the death knell of your blog…

Reason number 1: Your Privacy Policy needs to be a legal document.

You would think that people would understand this but unfortunately so many people still think they can just get a free template off the internet or worse, steal someone else’s by copying and pasting it onto their own blog.

First of all, a person’s privacy policy is their property. It is also the intellectual property of the person who wrote it. You need the permission of both to be able to use it in your own right. Just copying someone else’s is theft and this can lead to prosecution.

Don’t think that no one will know either because lots of companies now use plagiarism tools to sniff out copies of their content online. You have been warned. Don’t do it, it’s not worth the hassle if you get found out.

Also, free templates are just that – templates. They have no bearing on your actual website, what it does, what information it collects from its visitors or how you collect, process and store data. This information needs to be about YOUR blog and not someone else’s.

If you are not including this information in your privacy policy you are actually breaking the law. In May 2018 GDPR came into force in Europe and Great Britain. Anyone who operates a website or blog in these countries, or anyone whose website or blog is used by people in these countries needs to abide by this regulation. The penalties for not doing so are pretty huge. You can find out all about GDPR here.

So don’t hurt your blog by getting caught out by the GDPR police, or worse, get reported by one of your own visitors for non-compliance. Get your privacy policy sorted out right now.

Reason number 2: Your privacy policy should be genuine.

This is, after all, your promise to your visitors that you are taking their privacy seriously. If you just stick some generic free template with no reference to your own business on your blog how will this be believed by your visitor?

As a blogger you work extremely hard to produce credible, authentic content that your readers can enjoy. You pride yourself on this uniqueness and this is what makes your blog well, your blog.

Your blog is different from everyone else’s. For example you might need to collect telephone numbers because you offer one to one coaching over the telephone. You might need to collect national insurance numbers to prove eligibility for a government funded programme. You might need to collect physical addresses so that you can deliver your goods. Your privacy policy needs to state exactly what data you are collecting and what you are doing with it.

So make sure that your privacy policy is as unique, credible and authentic as everything else on your site, otherwise your visitors might see straight through it and it would be a shame to hurt your blog for the sake of getting a genuine privacy policy.

You also need a cookie section in the policy that explains what cookies your site is using and how these affect the experience of the user as well as how the cookies are used. Does your free template covet this? I doubt it.

Your privacy policy also needs to be more than just a disclaimer. I have seen so many so called privacy policies that you can get online for free and they are just disclaimers and not policies at all. Don’t get caught out.

Reason number 3: A free privacy policy screams CHEAP!

This is probably something you haven’t thought of but believe me, as someone who has helped over 1,000 small business in the last 5 years I have heard it all and this is something I found out…

People do actually read the privacy policies on blogs. I know right? I thought most people had better things to do with their time, but here’s the thing…

After speaking to literally hundreds of people about their privacy policies over the last few years I learnt that many people do actually read the privacy policy BEFORE deciding whether or not to take action on a blog.

It seems a lot of people are now much more wary of giving their email addresses to just anyone. They want to know what it is being used for and where it will be stored and how long for etc.

Does your privacy policy state which third parties are going to be handling their data? It should. People need to know exactly who is getting to process the data, it might be PayPal or Stripe to handle payments, it might be Mailchimp or Mailerlite to send emails. Your privacy policy needs to state this.

For those savvy people who I’ve spoken to over the years, if they spot a dodgy privacy policy this puts them off straight away. The main reason for this is quite surprising…

It seems that not paying for a professional privacy policy is similar to not paying for a professional theme for your blog. It screams cheap. My clients tell me that they wouldn’t buy from someone who looked cheap and therefore “dodgy”.

So there you have it. 3 reasons why a free privacy policy will hurt your blog. But what can you do about it if you don’t have hundreds of pounds or dollars to spend on getting it created by a solicitor?

Where can you get your privacy policy from?

There are various online sites that offer privacy policies but they are either really expensive or they do not actually produce GDPR compliant policies. USA and Canada have very different rules about data protection and you need to be sure that if you are operating a website in the UK (or your website is likely to be found in the UK or other European country) that your policy is complaint and contains the correct information.

You can go and seek legal advice and get a privacy policy written for you by a solicitor or lawyer. This is also going to cost quite a lot of money as solicitors usually charge about £200 per hour.

Or I can produce one for you for just £30. This is guaranteed to be GDPR compliant as I have worked with a solicitor to produce it. It contains all the correct terminology and has all the required sections that tell your visitors about how their data is collected, stored and used as well as what cookies your site uses and how this affects your visitors.

All you need to do to take me up on this offer is:

  • Download the questionnaire below and complete the information about your website, cookies, data etc.
  • You then email the questionnaire back to me at the address shown.
  • I will prepare a draft copy for your approval and send it to the email you list on the questionnaire
  • You then check it and confirm that you are happy with it
  • I send you an invoice for £30 which is payable before you receive the final copy
  • I then take off the watermarks and send you a word and PDF copy of your privacy policy that you can insert into your website.
  • The whole process usually takes about 48 hours (depending on how quickly you confirm the order and pay your invoice)

That’s all there is to it. A fully GDPR compliant privacy policy for just £30 in 2 days.

Just click the button below to start the process and download your questionnaire. You will be sent a free draft of the privacy policy for approval before you have to pay a single penny. What are you waiting for?

If you would like to discuss this further with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at