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Children’s Activity Prints

Here is an example of what our turnkey service offers.  We created the logo, built the branding (colours, fonts shapes, imagary etc), designed and built the website, wrote and added the copy as well as creating a month’s worth of social media content to launch this new buiness.  This was all done in just 4 weeks – so if you want your business to get out the gates faster than a greyhoud on caffiene click below and book a call with us.

Email Campaigns

Saucy image of an Instagram grid that shows a lady's hand squeezing a fruit

Do you know what the average open rates for B2B emails are? According to Audience Point and other sources the average is around 20% (although this can vary depending on your industry).

We worked with Amanda Cole of ACP Accountants who’s average open rate was around 12%. They needed something pretty great to get their audience to open and read their emails.

As you can see, we achieved some miraculous results and increase the open rate from a measly 12% to a whopping 65 – 71%!

How did we do it? Simple, we chose some great titles that thier readers couldn’t help but want to check out, we packed the emails full of valuable and helpful stuff and we added our own special sprinkle of fun in there too.

As a result of their increased open rates they increased their turnover by 40% the following year – this is what Amanda had to say about working with us…

Working with Lynne was certainly an eye-opener.  I had no idea that just a few simple tweaks here and there could make such a difference to open rates for emails, but with her amazing copywriting skills thrown into the mix we had results that I would never have believed and the resulting uptick in enquiries and additional turnover was the icing on the cake. If you are looking to grow your turnover without having to do anything more than improve your emails then speaking to Lynne at The Business Builder is a complete no-brainer

Amanda Cole

ACP Accountants

The River Rooms

Saucy image of an Instagram grid that shows a lady's hand squeezing a fruit

We worked with Luke Ellis and the crew at River Rooms in Stourbridge, a live music venue to build their new website – fancy eh?

They needed a website that reflected their genre’s and that allowed customers to find the dates of upcoming shows and enabled online bookings.

The site not only looks stunning but has also cut down on the amount of work the staff have to do in terms of answering calls, talking through the programme of upcoming events and manually taking bookings – this has now been totally automated.

We also added a follow-up system that keeps in touch with customers to let them know when their favourite artists are appearing which has led to over 35% more bookings. This is what Luke had to say about working with us…

Chris is amazing at what he does and there wasn’t anything that we asked that he couldn’t answer.  Our new, updated website is exactly what we wanted and I would recommend him and The Business builder without hesitation

Luke Ellis

The River Rooms

Inspiring Images

Image of a painting of a little girl with a cuddly lamb and a cute animal cushion

Need your images to look good? Of course you do, I mean who wouldn’t want their business to look its best?

We can take your current images and make them look amazing, or we can create truly awesome images from scratch, all we need is a simple brief from you.

The images that you saw in the video above are adapted by us to make them POP on the website, here’s what Heather had to say about working with us…

I can’t thank Lynne and Chris enough for helping me to build my business. My Etsy shop was Okay but I wanted more control over my business and I wanted to have my own shop on my own website and the guys at The Business Builder made this happen for me and now my dream has come true“.

Heather Bird

Children’s Activity Prints

The Instagram Grid

Saucy image of an Instagram grid that shows a lady's hand squeezing a fruit

Ooohhhh I say!!!! Saucy isn’t it? The sauciness was the challenge for us.  How to get the essence of what this author writes about without upsetting the sensibilities of the good folk at Instagram, we didn’t want to end up banned after all.

We worked with Blaire Bardot, the author of these saucy stories, to help make sure her Instagram grid looked amazing, but that it also stayed within the limits of what Instagram would allow.  It looks totally awesome thought doesn’t it?

Want to know how to get those puzzle type images on your Insta grid? Give us a ring and we’ll help you achieve the same (but without the smut) innocent

It’s no surprise that Blaire has gone on to sell hundreds of her stories – this is what she had to say about working with us…

Working with Lynne in the Mastermind not only helped me sell my books (which was my main reason for joining) but I soon found that it was the inspiration I got from her and the on-going encouragement to move out of my comfort zone that was the real benefit.  I was encouraged to record my stories and sell them on Audible (which I would never have considered) and now I’m selling more on Audible than I am on Amazon.  She helped me with my content, my social media strategy, the technical things and she was always on hand when I had a wobble.  I would thoroughly recommend that you take this mastermind – it changed my business and it can change yours too.”

Blaire Bardot


Supporting Small Businesses

As a small business ourselves we are passionate about helping other small business owners to build, grow and scale their ventures. As well as promoting them to our clients we also put on workshops, training and other events throughout the year to encourage networking, collaboration and increased confidence in business building. This video shows one of those events where we collaborated with Be In Demand. Local business owners got to speak, showcase their businesses and got to network with other similar minded people in a fun-packed day that was all about building success in business.  Look out for our next event!

Venture Coaching

An example of a website build by The Business Builder for Venture Coaching

We worked with Sara Luxmoor to create a coaching website that would showcase a team of professional career coaches.

She needed a website that reflected their collective personalities and that would also appeal to an array of clients from various backgrounds and career levels.

The site not only looks great but has SEO built in to help it get found by those looking for these services.

We also added a few blog posts that answer the most common questions that Sara and her coaches get asked. This is what Sara had to say about working with us…

Chris was amazing and manged to create a wonderful website from the simplest of briefs – he also took care of the logo for us which I love.  Lynne was on hand for all the content and went above and beyond by adding in a few fabulous blog posts for us and was always on hand for advice and guidance.  I would recommend The Business Builder for all your branding and website needs.

Sara Luxmoor

Venture Coaching

More coming soon…