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We are passionate about giving our customers the best experience ever and our testimonials are a way of showing that we deliver on our promises.  Please have a look through – or check us out on Google!

Working with Lynne in the Mastermind not only helped me sell my books (which was my main reason for joining) but I soon found that it was the inspiration I got from her and the on-going encouragement to move out of my comfort zone that was the real benefit.  I was encouraged to record my stories and sell them on Audible (which I would never have considered) and now I’m selling more on Audible than I am on Amazon.  She helped me with my content, my social media strategy, the technical things and she was always on hand when I had a wobble.  I would thoroughly recommend that you take this mastermind – it changed my business and it can change yours too.

Blaire Bardot


If you are looking for help in building self confidence on how to maximise the benefits of using social media to promote your business, or learn how to manage your website  yourself,  to its best advantage,  look no further than Lynne Thomas.

When I first came across Lynne I had no idea how to sell on any social media platform.  I liked the sound of what she was offering so I signed up.  In a very short time I had grown a big following on my Instagram and have tripled my sales as a result.

Lynne is patient, easy to understand and has a good sense of humour.  She spells things out in a straight forward and simple formula and if you follow what she teaches you will see great results. If you are undecided as to whether this mastermind is worth the time or money don’t be – you will not be sorry you joined.

Thank you Lynne for all you have done for me and Gamefare !

Ali Wesson

Owner, Gamefare

Lynne is a genius!  I needed to improve my website to help me with my MLM business as I was struggling to get sales.  Not only did she build my brand new website but added the copy, showed me how to write blogs and even wrote the first blog post for me as an example of what I needed to do.

If you need someone who you can trust to help you build your business or create a new website I would thoroughly recommend Lynne at The Business Builder.

Jacky Wood

Menopause Mentor, The Menopause Mentor

Lynne at The Business Builder has been excellent at helping me to deal with my business set up. She has provided really brilliant support, coaching and mentoring and I’m so glad that I found her. Lynne is knowledgeable, informative, supportive and helpful. All of my dilemmas and issues get solved readily and easily with her expertise and she is just so great at what she does. I can’t recommend Lynne highly enough, she does what it takes to get the job done and it has been so good to know that my business is on the right track because of her diligence. I can recommend her so highly and with confidence because she really is the best.

Julie Flynn

Owner, Reset Therapies

I attended Lynne’s masterclass on the S.E.L.L. System as a business growth tool.

My mind was buzzing at the end of it with different concepts and business growth tactics she covered!

Lynne delivers her content in such a way that it is relevant to all small business owners from any sector.

Lynne also provides routes for further help so you’re not just left wondering how to implement all the ideas you come up with!

Really engaging, fun, thought-provoking and just the right length of session for busy business owners.

Thanks so much again Lynne!

Robbie Roberts


I wanted to increase my turnover without having to increase my caseload as I was already running at capacity and Lynne had been recommended to me as someone who could help me.

After just 3 sessions we had figured out what I was going to sell, who I was going to sell it to and what my offer and messaging would be.  She also guided me through my online course creation (with all the technical bits taken care of too) and helped me get my payment gateways set up so that I could start promoting my course as soon as possible.

She is easy to work with, patient and understanding and ther is nothing you can’t ask her that she won’t find an answer for.

If you are looking for somoene to build, grow or scale your business I would thoroughly recommend Lynne and her amazing S.E.L.L. System

Stephen Grinnell

Rehabilitation Specialist, Energy Medicine

If you are looking for someone to inspire you, encourage you, believe in you and yes, kick you up the bum then Lynne is definitely someone you should work with.

Her mastermind showed me how to position myself so that I attracted the attention of my ideal clients and generated leads and enquiries as a result.

As part of her on-going mentorship programme I have grown my business beyond my wildest dreams and where I was once worried about quoting £250 for individual coaching courses I am now very happy and confident to send out quotes to organisatons that are in excess of £20k – I never would have achieved so much so quickly without Lynne’s help and encouragement.

Sara Smalley

Career Coach, Sara Smalley Coaching

Lynne is amazing. She’s like Mary Poppins, in her bag of knowledge she’ll know the answer to your problem, niggle or query.
I have used Lynne now for over two years and she has made my business from nothing into everything. I would highly recommend Lynne for anything social media, website, marketing and to get more sales into your business

Heather Bird

H&S Trainer, HMB Training Services Ltd

Hi Lynne, it was great working with you. You are knowledgeable, helpful, and informative. You worked at a pace I found easy to follow and you explained things really well. I found the video tutorials really helpful – I still use them now when I need a little reminder about how to do things.

Thank you so much for all your support

Deb Day

Owner, Deb Day Sewing Room

I met Lynne through a local networking event. I very soon became aware that to move my own business forward Lynne was just the right person for me. She is so approachable, with an infinite amount of patience for, and completely unfazed by, my multitude of questions and checks. She guided me through what I needed to do, explaining things in a language that I could understand. Thankfully she has a wicked sense of humour, so while the all the tasks I needed got done, and were done to a really high standard, I didn’t feel like it had been a terrifying task- in fact I really enjoyed my time spent with Lynne.

I would recommend Lynne’s services to anyone. She knows her stuff and communicates it well. I will certainly be going back when I need to update, or generally to get advice. She is a pleasure to work with.

Hannah Clarke

Owner, Solution Based Therapies

Wow, I had a free call with Lynn following a masterclass I did with her and the two were powerful to see where I had missing gaps in my business as well as a bit of mindset realisation. I have since taken advice from both calls into actionable steps.

Highly recommend 😀

Stephanie Brown

Owner, Beautiful Spaces

Lynne helped me with my passive income stream as I had no idea where to begin or how to go about generating interest for my products.

She was a font of knowledge and there wasn’t anything I asked that she couldn’t answer and give me examples of so that I understood.

She helped me create a website to host my blog posts (something I’d not done before), she also helped me with the writing of the blogs to make sure that I had SEO’d them properly.

I can’t thank her enough, I am now enjoying a second income that I never thought I would actually turn into a reality – if you need someone to help you build or grow your business I would highly recommend Lynne and The Business Builder.

Betty-Anne Ambury

Owner, Grapevine Publications Ltd

I have worked with Lynne from The Business Builder for years.  Every time I need help with anything technical she is the person I turn to first.

Lynne is patient and fun to work with and makes everything seem so easy.

Over the years she has helped me build a website, sort out my social media, get onto Pinterest (which I now love), build out an online course and sort out my emails.

If you are looking for someone to help you in your business I would call Lynne first.

Lisa M Billingham


Here are some of the results our clients have achieved whilst working with us…

Image of comment received from Julie Pohlner a client of The Business Builder showing how her business has grown as a result of working with us
Image of comment received from Kathy showing how her social media has taken off as a result of working with The Business Builder
Image of comment received from Matthew Bowdler a client of The Business Builder showing how he has had his first ever 21 days straight sales since adopting our methods
Image of comment received from Ali Wesson, a client of The Business Builder to show how her sales have taken off since working with us and adopting our methodology on social media
Comment received from Lisa Simcox, a client of The Business Builder showing how she has gained clients after adopting our methodology
Image of comment from Heather Bird, a client of The Business Builder showing that she has clients lined up after adopting our 4-step S.E.L.L System methodology
Image of comment from Suzanne Smeed, a client of The Business Builder showing results achieved after adopting our S.E.L.L. System methodology
Image of comment received from Glenda Shawley showing her amazing results after spending just a few days using our S.E.L.L. System
Image of comment received from Lisa showing that she has clients lined up after following The Business Builder's S.E.L.L. System

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