Pinterest is similar to Google in that it is a search engine rather than a social media platform. This means that you do similar things on Pinterest to drive sales as you would on Google.

First you need to make sure you are using keywords which will enable your potential customers to find your pins. You can check out some good keywords by doing your own search in Pinterest. Just put something that you would search for to find you in the search bar like this for example:

As you can see, Pinterest will make suggestions about what else you could include as your keywords for example “Holiday destinations” “European holidays” “Summer holidays”. It also shares some boards and people with holidays in their names. These can be useful sources of information to get even more ideas for your keywords and how to present your pins.

The next thing is the pin itself. It needs to be attractive and clickable. To find out what is trending simply put your search into Pinterest and look at the results. What do you see? Are there particular colours that are being used. Are there particular types of images that are showing up? Look at the pins and see which one you would be most likely to click on and then ask yourself what it is about that pin that attracts you to it.

The headline needs to be eye-catching and attention grabbing. The fewer words the better (5 – 8). Include words that evoke emotion as this is what drives most of us to buy something. You can get a free headline analysing tool here Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer

After you create your clickable pin you need to give it a description. As you are trying to drive sales the description should outline the benefits to the reader of your product or service. How will it help them to overcome a pain point or how will solve a problem for them. Your description should also include all those keywords you found in your research. If you can’t put them into coherent sentences just add them in as hashtags at the end. Don’t use more than 5 hashtags per pin as it can look spammy.

Make sure that you make the buying process as easy as possible for your viewer. They should be able to click your pin and then end up on the exact page where they can make their purchase. The more clicks they have to make the less likely they are to actually get to the buy button. The page may be a sales page, an Amazon listing or a page on your website where the product is described in more detail.

Also make sure your images are the same on your pin as they are on your sales page. If someone sees one image on the pin and another when they click through, they may think they are in the wrong place and bounce off your sales page. People DON’T spend time on websites trying to find things.

Also try split testing your pins. Create a couple using different images, keywords, headlines and descriptions. See which one does better and then tweak that again. Change the image, then recreate it and change the description etc. Keep doing this until you have a clear winner. This one will drive the most sales for you.

If you would like a FREE guide to show you how to create the perfect pin, you can grab one right here. It will teach you all the most important elements of a pin and how to make sure it is repinned and clicked. Get your free guide here.

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