How To Create Social Media Content That Engages

In today’s world of social media it’s no longer about the number of followers you have but more about what those followers do.

Algorithms of today judge your post by the amount of likes, shares and comments it gets and the amount of time someone spends consuming it.

That means that you need to start creating engaging posts if you want to reach more people on social media.

But what exactly are “engaging” posts?

Well here’s a few ideas for you to get you started.

  1. Story posts.  These are great for introducing yourself and your business to new followers and helping your older followers get to know you better.  Stories are letting your audience glimpse a little of what makes you tick and they can make a better decision about whether or not you are someone they would feel happy buying from.
  2. Live-streams and videos. These are a great way of building relationships with your audience as they let your audience get to know you on a deeper level.  Lives and videos are almost as good as being in the room with you.  They get to see your body language and listen to your voice.  This is powerful if you wantt to build trust with your audience.
  3. Case studies. Show your audience how someone just like them benefited from buying your product or service
  4. Quizzes. These are great for generating engagement as people love to join in quizzes and puzzles. Think of something relevant to what you do to quiz them about.
  5. Marmite posts.  I call them Marmite posts because you either love it or hate it.  Think of something you know people either love or hate and ask them which side they’re on
  6. Behind the scenes.  People love to see what goes on in the background of your business.  How do you package all your products, where do you store them etc.  If you’re building your own premises show your audience how you are getting on. I promise these posts do so well.
  7. Sympathy posts.  I don’t ask my clients to put out these kinds of posts because it is giving off the wrong energy and to be honest, there are better things you can do than try to elicit a response by sharing a personal tragedy.  But, having said that, they do seem to get loads of engagement.  Not sure how they convert to sales though???
  8. Celebratory posts.  These are a much better alternative to the sympathy posts and give off a positive energy (which is always better in the long run).  Think about something you can celebrate and share it with your audience – they love it and they will celebrate with you.

Okay, there you have a whole week’s worth of posts that can drive engagement – but if you want a complete content strategy that not only drives engagement but is proven to bring in leads and sales in their thousands why not take my Social Media Boot Camp?

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