How To Create Instagram Grids with One Image

If you are wondering how to create Instagram grids that have just one image spread across the grid I’m going to tell you – or at least I’m going to tell you how I do it.

Here is an example of what I mean, and a couple of examples of my own grids

As you can see, the larger image is made up of 9 separate and distinct images, but they are all joined together by a common background or image.

You will see that the backgrounds in the above images is all the same colour and the central image a goes into all 9 sections which give it that one image look.

The reason that there are 9 images is that Instagram grids are in rows of 3 and columns of 3 so to get your single image onto your grid you need to create your image and then divide it into 9 separate images.

I use Canva to design the look of my grid. You can do this on Photoshop or on one of the many apps that are around these days. Then the image has to be split into 9 separate images – you can use Photoshop or an app to do this.

You then have to send each of the 9 separate images to your phone ready to upload to Instagram. These must be uploaded in the right order if your image is to be shown correctly.

The easiest way to do this is to number the images. Number 1 (the first to be uploaded) would be the bottom right image on your new grid (or 5 Fatal Marketing Mistakes if you look at the 2nd example above) . Number 2 would be the middle bottom (who is your ideal customer) and number 3 the bottom left image (Join the Social Media Boot Camp). Number 4 would be the middle row right hand and then number 5 the middle row middle image – and so on.

Just having one large image can look great on your grid – but it looks horrible to your followers when you’re uploading the 9 images, as all they see is part of a puzzle.

You can get over this by actually showing that it is 1/9 or 2/9 etc in the image caption – or you could tell your followers to keep watching to see your puzzle reveal itself.

I personally like to use my grid a little more strategically. I like to use it to showcase all my products and services in one place and my grid is the perfect place to do just this. You can check it out right here

So, as you will see, each of my images promotes a service that I offer, and as a stand alone post it makes sense as I then add a caption to it that is all about that particular service – or product.

Because my grid is a little different to most other people’s grids it gets noticed. People comment on it all the time. People message me to say how much they like it and could they learn how to do it too.

It is this interest that prompted me to offer mentoring sessions to work with people and show them EXACTLY what to do and how to do it so that they can create their own super grids in just a few hours.

These mentoring sessions are half-day group sessions with no more than 10 people in the group. This way I can offer all the individual support and guidance you need so that by the end of the session you have completed your first super grid and know how to do them yourself from now on.

The sessions are from 9am – 1pm GMT and are £200 per person. If you would like to come and join me in one of these sessions please email me at as I need to check a couple of things with you before we start and also let you know the date of the next one.

I love doing something a little different that makes me stand out on social media and I also love teaching others how to do the same. We all have different audiences, different market places and different products and services so there’s plenty of room for you to stand out too!

But hurry, before it catches on and everyone learns how to do it 😊