Would you like to help me support 250 businesses in the next 12 months? I am looking for people who would be willing to donate a small amount of money to help struggling new business owners and entrepreneurs in the West Midlands or wider area.

I have set a goal to raise enough money to be able to help 250 small businesses and startups in the West Midlands over the next 12 months. This funding will enable me to continue to run free workshops, offer mentoring and practical support to new and small businesses as well as enable me to continue to create and develop new free tools to aid their success – especially online.

Small businesses often find it difficult to get the right advice about online marketing and promotion because the rules and algorithms change almost every week. As someone who works online every day I can ensure that my knowledge is up to date and relevant so that the new business owner is not wasting time or money on things that no longer work; or are no longer legal.

Over the last 5 years I have helped over 1,000 small businesses with their online activities, including building websites, sorting out their social media, creating email marketing campaigns, setting up profitable blogs and much more besides. I have, until now been able to fund the free workshops and mentoring sessions myself because I have been contracted by funded companies and so could afford to cover the cost from my own business.

Sadly, I am no longer able to carry this burden as I no longer have the luxury of this contract work due to government cutbacks. This is why I am looking for help.  I desperately want to keep helping these new business owners and I know that there is a huge demand for this kind of guidance and support, but sadly new businesses usually cannot afford to pay for coaching and mentoring – although this is when they need it most.

The funds will be used for helping to pay towards the rent of rooms for the free workshops and one to one support, and time and travel costs for myself or other trainers to run these activities.

I run 6 workshops per month and usually see between 20 & 30 new and small business owners each month. You can check out the workshops here .

I would therefore like to raise this money over the next 12 months, although it would be a great start if I could raise just £2,000 of it over the next 2 months as this would secure a venue and enable me to run the next 6 workshops.

The support would mean the world to me as every month I meet people who have been ripped off, given wrong information, sent from pillar to post for help and are generally extremely frustrated. As someone who was there myself once, I know just how demoralising this can be and I want to empower and motivate new business owners as much as I can to help them achieve their dreams and build successful businesses. You can see some testimonials and case studies from previous business owners here

As I am not a charity or not for profit I am not eligible for government funding in my own right, which is why I am asking the general public if they would be willing to help me to help 250 small businesses and startups in the next 12 months.

It literally means the difference between success or failure for many of these inexperienced entrepreneurs, and many of them are putting retirement or redundancy payments into these businesses, which makes it even more important that they succeed. Please help me make sure that success is what they achieve.

On behalf of myself and the 250 business owners that you will be supporting, I would just like to offer our gratitude and thanks for your kind and generous support. 

If you would like to know any more about my fundraiser please feel free to contact me on 07736 396519.

For those who are kind enough to consider donating to the cause, you can do so by clicking the button below. On behalf of the 250 business owners that you will be helping I thank you.

If you are not able to donate yourself, you can still help by sharing this post so that others might find it and offer support. I appreciate any and all efforts you are kind enough to make.