Do you need to get a privacy policy? If you have built a new website or started a new blog then the answer is yes.

May 2018 saw the introduction of GDPR in Europe and the UK. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means that you have to declare what data you are collecting and processing on your website and how this data is being stored and used. (learn more about GDPR here)

Your website privacy policy also needs to declare what cookies your website is using. If you don’t know what cookies your site is using, or whether your site is GDPR compliant you can check it out for free here.

Can you just go and copy someone else’s privacy policy?

No. Firstly it is illegal to steal someone else’s intellectual property and secondly the policy has to include information about your own site which will be different from someone else’s site.

Where can you get your privacy policy from?

There are various online sites that offer privacy policies but they are either really expensive or they do not actually produce GDPR compliant policies. USA and Canada have very different rules about data protection and you need to be sure that if you are operating a website in the UK (or your website is likely to be found in the UK or other European country) that your policy is complaint and contains the correct information.

You can go and seek legal advice and get a privacy policy written for you by a solicitor or lawyer. This is also going to cost quite a lot of money as solicitors usually charge about £200 per hour.

Or I can produce one for you for just £30. This is guaranteed to be GDPR compliant as I have worked with a solicitor to produce it. It contains all the correct terminology and has all the required sections that tell your visitors about how their data is collected, stored and used as well as what cookies your site uses and how this affects your visitors.

All you need to do to take me up on this offer is:

  • Download the questionnaire below and complete the information about your website, cookies, data etc.
  • You then email the questionnaire back to me at the address shown.
  • I will prepare a draft copy for your approval and send it to the email you list on the questionnaire
  • You then check it and confirm that you are happy with it
  • I send you an invoice for £30 which is payable before you receive the final copy
  • I then take off the watermarks and send you a word and PDF copy of your privacy policy that you can insert into your website.
  • The whole process usually takes about 48 hours (depending on how quickly you confirm the order and pay your invoice)

That’s all there is to it. A fully GDPR compliant privacy policy for just £30 in 2 days.

Just click the button below to start the process and download your questionnaire.

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