If you have been wondering who uses Pinterest and what the general demographic of Pinterest user is you are in the right place.

Pinterest has come a long way since its early days of recipes and knitting patterns. Businesses are now using Pinterest as a serious platform for marketing their products and services. Here are some amazing statistics recently researched by Social Sprout…

  • 250 million people use Pinterest every month. …
  • Pinterest reaches 83 percent of US women aged 25-54. …
  • 50 percent of new sign-ups in 2018 were men. …
  • 80 percent of new sign-ups are from outside the US. …
  • 34 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 use Pinterest.

So we can see that Pinterest is no longer being dominated by women as men are now as likely as women to sign up.

A recent survey by Tailwind showed that half of all millennials use Pinterest at least once per month, however, in my workshops I always ask the younger members how often they use it and they tell me usually once a week and in many cases every single day.

Millennials are now choosing Pinterest over Google as it is a more visual platform and results are displayed in a far more aesthetically pleasing way to appeal to this generation of video and image viewers.

I have helped over 1,000 new and small businesses over the last 5 years to grow their online presence and these businesses range from book-keepers to bakers, pattern designers and artists to health and safety consultants. I have never yet come across a business that is not already represented on Pinterest to some extent.

Affiliate marketers, Bloggers, cake makers, dog walkers, e-mail marketers, Financial consultants, Gardeners, Hoteliers, Image designers, in fact every kind of business you can imagine from A-Z is represented on Pinterest.

At the moment it is still totally free to get your business in front of thousands of prospective customers, but this could all change soon as Pinterest went public earlier this year. My advice is to get in while it’s still free.

Social Sprout also reported that the average annual household income of a Pinner is around $100,000 AND that they use Pinterest as research before making a purchase and are happy to buy from Pinterest if they find what they are looking for.

If you would like to know more about how Pinterest skyrocketed my business and why it’s so successful compared to other platforms you can find out in my blog post right here.

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