Are you looking for someone to help you with digital marketing training in Wolverhampton? Do you need someone who can speak to you in a language you understand and in terms that are simple and plain?

Maybe my Business Builder 5 day course is just what you need? It has been specifically designed for people who are thinking about starting a business, or who have started one but need to get it promoted online effectively. Here’s what we cover…

If you don’t have a website yet we create one for you. I will make sure you get the best hosting service at the most affordable price. I will also make sure it is operating legally and has all the cookie consents and privacy policies that the law now requires.

If you do have a website I will audit it with you and show you where improvements can be made to help with its ranking and search engine optimisation.

If you haven’t yet sorted out your logo or branding I can help you with that too. I can help you to create your own logo or give you some places to get one professionally created for just £5 – £10.

If you already have a logo and your branding is sorted I will make sure you are using it effectively online to get noticed by your ideal customers. I will share hints, tips and ideas to help you improve your presence on social media and search engines.

The most important part of digital, or online marketing is attracting and gathering leads. Having a list of people who are interested in what you have to say and sell will make it much easier for you to market your products or services.

I will help you to create amazing lead magnets that will attract your ideal customer and have them leaving their email addresses every day for you to follow up with.

Automating as much of your online marketing as you can is important as this will leave you time to actually work in your business doing the things you love. I will show you how to automate the entire lead generation and follow-up system using an email auto-responder service.

This course is designed for beginners. You don’t have to understand anything I have just said as I will explain it all as we go along and make sure you understand what you are doing and why it’s important.

Digital marketing training that’s easy to follow

This digital marketing training in Wolverhampton is limited to groups of no more than 4 people. This means that I can spend plenty of time with you to help with implementing the training into your business. It also means that you have plenty of one-to-one support throughout the week.

You will be given homework each day to supplement what you have learned during the day’s training and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions or go over things you aren’t sure about.

This fun and friendly digital marketing training has been proven to help businesses just like yours to become successful at marketing their products and services effectively online.

Here’s what some of my previous clients have to say…

If you are a new or small business in the Wolverhampton or surrounding area, and you would like to learn how to attract leads and customers to your business every day, book your place on the next digital marketing – business builder 5 day course. You can find the date of the next course here.

If you are from outside the Wolverhampton area you are still very welcome. There are many excellent hotels within a mile or 2 of the venue – contact me if you would like recommendations.

For more information on what the course covers day by day please see here.

I very much hope that I get to meet and work with you in the near future. If you would like to ask me anything before committing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call me on 07736 396519 or email me at

By for now.

Image of Lynne Thomas The Business Builder from Thomas Jones Consultants Ltd

Lynne Thomas