If you are new to business or social media and need content that is going to capture your audience then you will definitely want to check this out. I have curated a list of 12 tools that will transform your content over night. These 12 great tools are specifically chosen because they are easy to use, and in most cases, they are free too. They will help you with things like:

Finding free high definition images
Creating unique images and captions for your social media
Creating videos straight from your blog post – I kid you not
Creating an e-Book from scratch using content you have already written in 5 minutes – yep honestly
Creating short video clips for tutoring or coaching your clients
and loads more besides.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and look at the amazing selection of cool tools I have found for you to use that won’t cause too much sweat or tears.

1. WordPress Websites. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can build a WordPress website – Yes really! These simple templates mean that you just need to be able to copy and paste or drag and drop. You can choose from thousands of FREE themes, or upgrade for for just a few pounds to a theme that lets you customize it more to your taste. Just choose your domain and hosting service and off you go.

Well, in the spirit of absolute honesty, there is a little more to it than that, but not that much. I have created  The Ultimate Starter Kit For Bloggers to show you exactly how to do everything. Just click to get your FREE copy.

2. FREE Images. If you are anything like me, you will spend hours trying to find the right image for your blog post or social media piccy. Often, after hours of searching, I will find one that I think is suitable and download it, only to find that when I upload it to my website or Facebook page it is blurry and no good. AAAARGGGHHH! Here are some links to fantastic resources for high definition images that are license free and free to download. No further explanation needed for this one.


3. Free Graphic Design Tool. This is probably my personal favourite, and one that I use pretty much every day for something or other. I am the least creative person on the planet and it makes even my stuff look good.

This tool lets you create social media images quickly by using templates that are the correct size etc. for your social media site. You can upload your own images to it to make it personal, you can add text (and any number of fonts) you can also use your own colours so that you can maintain your branding.

It has loads of images to choose from that are either free or just $1 (70p at today’s rate). It also has inbuilt tools that help you to centre things and make a professional job of your creations. Great for bloggers and content writers.

Get it here >>> Canva.com

4. Video creation tool. Videos can be created straight from your blog post. This video making tool is so simple that anyone can use it. Here’s how it works…

  • Create a blog post
  • Open the tool and choose the blog post
  • Choose the sentences you want to use from the blog post
  • Choose some images for your video slides
  • Choose some music from the huge list of tunes
  • Click on create video
  • Wait to be emailed to say that your video is ready
  • Open and play your video and upload it to your social media platforms
  • Honestly, that’s pretty much all there is to it. You can create a video in less that 5 minutes and you DON’T have to suffer the indignity of sitting in front of a video camera to make great eye catching and engaging content for your Facebook page or other social media site

Get it here >>> https://lumen5.com/

5. Free Auto-responder. An auto-responder is an email service that will fully automate your emails. It will help you to create a list of people who are interested in what you have to say or sell. It will help you to respond to those people completely on autopilot.

It is really simple to use, again templates are offered and if you can copy and paste and use Microsoft Word then you won’t have much difficulty in using this gem of a tool. Imagine being able to reply to people who have asked for a download that you are offering and follow up with them for as long as you want to WITHOUT you having to do anything other than setting up an email sequence. This service is offered by Mailchimp and is FREE to use.

Get it here >>> Mailchimp.com

6. Free Screen Capturing Tool. Would you like to be able to quickly and easily capture images straight from your laptop? Would you love to be able to create quick little videos of what you are doing on your laptop to share with and show to others?

This tool is so easy and I use it most days. You download the tool to your laptop and it sits on the desktop screen ready to be used. To open it you simply click on it and either lasso the part of the screen you want to capture or start a recording of your voice and screen. This is great for short videos on how to do things.

The free version lets you record for up to 5 minutes at a time but you can record unlimited videos. You then share them on Screen Cast and can watch them there or embed them into posts on your blog or social media sites. This is how I captured the image of it below.

Create amazing content that gets clicked and viewed #blogging #workingonline #workfromhome #helptoblog #contrentcreation

Get it here >>> https://www.techsmith.com/jing-tool.htm

7. Online meetings and webinars. If you have coaching calls, meetings, conference calls or webinars as part of your business then you can host them all from Zoom.

Zoom lets you schedule meetings and have up to 100 people attend for free. If you want to run webinars then you do need to pay a small monthly subscription. This tool is easy to use and you can schedule a meeting in one minute. You then get a link to the meeting that you can send out to people who you would like to attend. There is also an option to invite your attendees straight from the scheduling screen.

The process is so simple and it talks you through how to set everything up so you just follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong.

The webinars are recorded to your device or to the cloud or you can choose both. This means that people who couldn’t attend live can watch the video later. I made extra sales from my last webinar by sharing the link and letting people watch it in their own time.

Get it here >>> https://zoom.us/

8. Online meeting and screen sharing. Most people are familiar with Skype, but they don’t know that it can be used for hosting meetings and that you can share your screen or others can share their screen with you. This is great for coaching or training calls as you can literally see their screen and talk them through what to do.

To use the screen sharing option just click on the + sign and choose screen sharing. Simple & FREE

Get it here >>> https://www.skype.com/

9. Boosting your blog posts. There are numerous ways online of boosting your blog posts so that more people get to find and read them, but one of my favourites is Pingomatic.

Pingomatic is a collection of subscription based magazines that people sign up to. If you tell Pingomatic that you have written a post it will let its subscribers know so anyone who is interested in your subject matter will be able to visit your blog to have a look.

This simple tool is great for generating traffic to your site and getting eyes on your blog.

Get it here>>> https://pingomatic.com/

10. See whose viewed your posts. Knowing that your efforts are not in vain is what will keep you motivated to keep writing your great content. If you can see that you are getting hundreds, if not thousands of readers to your blog posts then you will be encouraged to keep going and to keep getting better at what you do.

But how can you see quickly, easily and for free who is visiting each of your posts without having to go to Google Analytics or other analytics site – remember this is for technophobes so you probably don’t even know what Google analytics is right?

Well the good news is that if you have a WordPress website then you can get a totally free plugin called Post Views Counter. This is what it looks like…

Post views counter

Once you install it onto your website it will show you how many people have visited each post. You can see it here… It just adds a views column to your dashboard so that you can instantly see how many views each of your posts have received without having to look anywhere else.

This is great for knowing which content is more popular too so that you can create more of it.

11. Turn your blog posts into e-Books. This tool is brilliant for those who want to create e-books from their content. It makes the process so simple that you can literally create your e-book in about 5 – 10 minutes once you have your content.

The drag and drop system makes it really easy for any technophobe to use. There are also great tutorials online on how to make the most of this tool. Okay, so this one isn’t free, but you can create a very professional looking e-book for just $27 one off payment (usually $324 pr year) by using this tool. Just click on my link below to get this amazing discounted price.

Get it here >>> Designrr.com

12. Photo editing tool. I don’t know about you but I get really confused with Photoshop. I think it’s just too sophisticated for me as I’m not that creative and there are way too many things on there to get me into trouble.

This little tool however, is both free and easy to use. It has far less options than photoshop but it does let you resize images, make changes to them so that they are more personal or individual and do the usual highlighting, cropping and turning things around. (as you can clearly see, I’m not a photo editing expert)

This is the one you are looking for…

Get it here >>> https://pixlr.com/

Update 24/05/19 I have now discovered a free tool for recording all your podcasts. It is an App that you download to your phone and record your podcast. It then uploads to the platform and you can share it on your social media or blog. It has a professional looking link too with your photo and title of the podcast – you can see an example in my post here. The App is called Anchor

Get it here>>> Your app store on your smartphone.

Aren’t they great? Fantastic tools that are easy to use and totally free! Okay, knowing about them is one thing but it is actually using them that will make the difference to your marketing.

When I first started marketing my business online about 10 years ago now I was constantly on the lookout for things that would help me to stand out online. I wanted to be using the latest technology, the latest methods and the latest strategies to attract leads and customers.

These tools are all AMAZING on their own, but start using them together and OMG!

I think it was while I was creating my Six-figure system that I first realised how powerful these tools could be in marketing my business online. I could now create amazing content that got clicked, viewed and shared, create lead magnets that attracted potential customers and captured email addresses, send email campaigns to those leads totally on auto-pilot, turn one piece of content into something else in the shortest time imaginable and so much more besides.

It was this that made the massive difference to my business and is allowing me to make massive difference to my clients businesses too by helping them build a six-figure business in just 12 months.

I would love to bang on for ages about how simple and amazing this system is, and tell you how to use it grow your own six-figure business but there just isn’t the space or time in this post….

However, I can’t just leave you hanging so guess what? I’ve created a totally free guide for you that shows you step-by-step how to use these tools to implement the six-figure system into your business. It’s just a 3 step process and anyone can do it. I couldn’t have made it any easier for you could I? Just enter your details on the form below to grab your free copy of the guide.

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful, if so, I would love it if you could share it on your social media platforms so that others might make use of it too.

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