This last year has been great for me. I have had a chance to try out a new business model and it worked!

I took on a training room on a years contract and it was a very scary decision as I wasn’t sure it was going to pay for itself let alone make me money. It worked out though, in fact much better than I had thought, but here’s the kicker…

Last month we had a meeting with the landlord, and yes, you’ve guessed it, he wanted to not only increase the rent but change the terms on which I was renting the room too.

I had suspected that this would probably be the case so I had already made tentative enquiries about other premises and amazingly, I could get better and cheaper ones elsewhere.

Although initially I had thought that the upheaval would be a major inconvenience, I now realise that the forced change has been absolutely for the best for my business and here’s why…

Not only am I paying less for a better space (which is great) but I am also now in a place which is surrounded by my ideal client – new and small businesses.

My current premises have no passing trade and limited opportunities to do business with any of my neighbours. My new premises actively encourage networking and working with each other and one of those neighbours is the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, who I already do a lot of work for and with – isn’t that amazing?

So you see, sometimes, when you think that change is an inconvenience and something to be avoided, instead look for the opportunities that the change may afford you. You might be surprised at how the universe delivers – but it delivers non-the-less and you should grab these opportunities with both hands.

So now I’m all excited and ready for moving day. I have some new furniture for the office, a nice executive chair for me and some nice comfy padded chairs for my clients and trainees to sit on when they attend my free workshops and courses.

Did I mention I run free workshops for small businesses? Why not have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy by clicking here.

I would love to meet you and learn about your new business and how I can help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. So click above and book a place and come and spend the morning with me learning something new.

Until we meet…

Lynne 🙂