Case Studies

Ricki – AEA Collections

Ricki came to the 5 day course saying that she wanted to sell jewellery. She needed a website that would enable her to sell her products professionally and that would let her display them in the best way possible.

We built her website, added her products, set her prices and inserted the images. We then looked at how she could market her site using social media.

We created a Pinterest account and she learnt how to use it to promote her jewellery and encourage sales and website traffic. We created a Facebook page where she could promote her business to her followers and friends.

In just 5 days Ricki went from having nothing at all to having a fully functioning business that was promoting itself and selling her products. You can get something nice from her at

Lisa – Little Artisan Studio

Lisa came to the workshop armed with loads of ideas and printouts of what she wanted her business and website to look like. She had created lots of content but had no idea about how to create a website or how to use social media to promote it.

In just 2 days we had transferred her ideas from her PowerPoint print-outs onto her brand new website, including getting her logo and branding done.

The next 2 days we spent building her social media accounts so that she could promote her website far and wide. She has gone from being a complete social media phobe into a Facebook fanatic – Have a look at her amazing page @littleartisanstudio

The final day we spent setting up her email auto-responder so that she could follow up with her leads on auto-pilot. She now attracts customers who are interested in crafts and craft workshops with a freebie, collects their email address and sends them the freebie all automatically. Her business is working for her rather than the other way around.

Sarah – Orgreen Naturals

Sarah had created a Halal skin care range and needed a way of getting her products to the wider market place.

In just one week week we built a website, created a hook to attract leads, created a lead magnet to capture the email address, created a 7 day email series to build relationships with her potential clients and sorted her social media out so that she could promote her products professionally.

In just 5 days she went from having products but no way of selling them online to having a fully functioning and automated business that she was proud to promote to the world.

Lisa – Precious Gems Wellbeing

Lisa had been in business for about 2 years but was struggling to get the results she wanted.

In just one week we were able to establish her business proposition, streamline the whole business model, create an online course, create an automated way of promoting that course and create a way of attracting warm leads and interested customers.

Not only has Lisa now got a streamlined business that is pretty much going to run itself for the foreseeable future, but it has freed up hours and hours of her time and reduced her stress levels from severe to slight.