Are you looking for business support for startups from someone who is actually running a business rather than a signposting service, or worse, an organisation that doesn’t actually know the first thing about running a business because they don’t have to make a profit as they get government funding.

Don’t get me wrong, signposting is an essential service for new and small businesses but it is a bit annoying when all you want to do is ask someone for help and actually get it – right there and then rather than be sent round the houses to find someone who can actually help you achieve your desired outcome.

I know this because I was in the same situation just a few years ago, and again a couple of years ago when I had to completely change my business model due to loss of funded contracts that I was working on. Here’s what I did and how I can help you…

When I started my business I looked around for business support for startups. I was, as most new businesses are, sent to government funded organisations to learn how to get up and running. The total sum of their support seemed to be getting me to complete a business plan and attend some training that “they thought” was relevant to my business.

I was frustrated because I had absolutely no need of a manual handling certificate or a first aid certificate. I needed help to attract customers. I needed to know how to get noticed online, how to get leads and how to convert those leads into customers.

It seemed that these organisations couldn’t help me with any of this because they simply didn’t know how to do it themselves. I mean, why would they? They have never had to go and find clients and customers of their own. They have been “given” the money they need to run their organisations. How could they possibly know what it’s like to have to go out and “earn” it yourself?

I very quickly became disillusioned with pretty much everything I was being offered and so I turned to paid solutions. I paid for coaching that was tailored to my needs, provided immediate results for my business and taught me the skills that I needed to be able to grow my business.

That was 10 years ago now. I have come a long way in that time. I have built my whole business around helping other new business owners and start-ups to build their businesses.

I help them to get noticed online. I help them to attract leads and convert them to customers. I help them to generate sales from products and services they would otherwise never have thought of.


The main difference between me and other business coaches who offer start-up support is that I actually help you to implement all the strategies and systems that we discuss.

That’s right. I get stuck in there with you and make sure that everything works properly. I have oodles of free resources to help you get started with online marketing, social media posting, blogging, website creation and list building. Yes FREE resources. You can check them out right here.

I also offer free workshops where I explain what’s possible and give you hints and tips on how to achieve it. You can find when the next ones are running right here on Eventbrite

I have a full mentoring programme for those who want a little more hand-holding or personal advice and guidance which you learn more about here and I have a Business Builder 5-day course where you can get your whole business set up and live in just one week! Find out when the next one is running here.

I don’t just signpost you. I don’t just get you to fill in forms and complete a certain hours worth of training to satisfy my funding body so that I can get paid. I am not funded. Everything I do for free is funded by myself.

I am committed to giving each and every small business and start-up the personal attention they need to make a success of their business from day one.

If you are one of those start-ups who is looking for support that guarantees results, that is affordable and that goes that extra mile for you and your business, please contact me (Lynne) for a no obligation chat on 07736 396519. I would love to learn more about your business and explain what I can do to help you.

I hope we get to meet in person soon.

Lynne Thomas