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I is for Inform and Inspire

Being able to build a relationship with your potential customers is what will help you to build your business faster. A great way to do this is to inform and inspire them. How do you do this?

By writing blog posts like this one, or putting something on your Facebook page, Instagram feed or Pinterest boards. Letting people know what you do is okay, but letting them know how you can help them is what will really make the difference to the effectiveness of your marketing.

Let’s say you are a cake maker. It would be great if people could see the types of cakes you make and have examples to sift through to inspire them as to what they might like for their own special occasion.

Putting photographs of your cakes on your Facebook page would be a fantastic way of achieving this. Each time you create a masterpiece cake for someone, take a piccy and post it to your Facebook page and Instagram feed. Your ideal customers will soon get to know exactly what type of cakes you make and they can see how wonderful they are. You have informed them about what you do, and you have inspired them to buy one by showing how beautiful they are.

Okay so that’s a product, but what about if you sell a service. Services are notoriously more difficult to sell, I know, I sell them. But there is no reason why you can’t use your blog, Facebook page or Instagram feed to inspire and inform your potential customers too.

I run workshops so I will often post images of my room all set up and waiting for my learners. These go down really well. I also put pictures of the people taking part in the workshops. But to mix things up a little I will also put selfies of myself and what I’ve been up to behind the scenes. I might also put a branded posts (pictures that are pink, blue or white) which match my brand or create backgrounds to add text overlay to if I have a thought for the day or something to share. You can follow me on Facebook here.

By far the most effective way of informing people is to blog about your business. In a blog you can really show someone what you can do. You can create “how to” posts to demonstrate a particular skill and teach someone how to achieve something right there and then. These are by far the most effective posts as there is a quick win for the reader and this means they are more likely to come back and try other suggestions.

This post that you are reading right now is informing you about online marketing techniques and offering some tips on how to make your marketing more effective. I hope I am informing you, and I also hope that I am inspiring you to go and have a go at putting some informative posts on your social media and blog so that you can tell more people about what you can do for them.

What you must remember with marketing is “It’s all about the customer“. No one is really that interested in how well you can do something, but they are interested in how what you can do will help them. Let me explain…

Let’s say you are car mechanic. Which of the two sentences below do you think would be more interesting to a potential customer?

Car Mechanic: Over 10 years experience with MOT’s and Services. VOSA registered and achieved NVQ level 7.


Get your car back on the road today. First time fix rate of 90% and most parts carried in stock.

As a customer I am far more interested in my own problem of a broken car than I am about how certified and qualified you are. If you can get me back on the road today I don’t care how many certificates you have on your wall, or even if you have any at all. I just want to know that you can solve my problem.

If you are a life coach which of these sentences do you think would inspire someone to take action?

Call today for a free and no obligation chat with a fully certified life coach.


Call today for a free and no obligation chat about how I can help you to overcome your anxiety issues.

Do you see the subtle difference? You are informing them about your business but in one you are telling them about you, in the other you are saying how you can help them.

Information can come in many guises:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Videos
  • Leaflets
  • Podcasts
  • Lead magnets
  • Sales and Landing pages
  • Website content

The list goes on, but I’m sure you get the picture. You don’t just have to stick to one type of medium to inform and inspire your customers. In fact, the more you can mix it up and keep it interesting for them, the more they will enjoy it and therefore consume the information.

You need your lead or customer to actually consume your information if you are going to be successful at informing them. You can only inspire them if they have consumed your information. So, remember, mix it up a bit.

You can see on this website, I use blog posts (like this one you are reading right now), sales pages like my six-figure system, video (like the one on the home page) and podcasts like the one you can see in this post.

I try to give my potential customers as many ways of consuming my content as possible to encourage them to do just that. If you are wondering how to create podcasts, videos etc then have a look at this post, it has some amazing free resources for creating content for online marketing.

Now that you are getting your ideal customers attention and they are actually consuming your information, you need to build something into the content that inspires them to take action.

There are many calls to action that you can use:

  • Learn more
  • Click here
  • Buy now
  • Subscribe
  • Join here
  • Sign up today
  • Watch now
  • Listen now
  • Take my free offer by clicking here

There are many more that I’m sure you can think of that aren’t included in this list. But my point is that EVERYTHING you create should have a call to action – something that inspires your consumer to take action. What that action is will be determined by you when you start creating your marketing content. You should always start with the desired result in mind ie subscribe to my blog or buy now.


Having a call to action that helps to generate leads is a double whammy! Imagine this…

You put together an online course to help your customers overcome self-doubt. You talk about it in your blog post and offer them a free taster of perhaps module 1 and you put a call to action at the bottom that says something like take module 1 now.

They click take module 1 now and it takes them to a lead magnet where they have to enter their email address to get access to the module. They enter their email address and submit the form.

The form goes to an email service provider where it gets put onto a list. Once it ends up on the list an email containing access information for module 1 of the online course gets sent to that lead in a totally automated process.

After taking module 1 the lead is happy with the results and wants to take the rest of the course. They are happy to pay for it now you have proved to them that it works.

At the end of module 1 you put a conclusion that thanks them for taking module 1 and gives them instructions on how to pay for and take the rest of the course.

They follow the link to where the course is located, pay their money and have immediate access to the rest of the course.

You have not had one single dealing with that customer in person. The whole process has been automated so that it runs like clockwork 24/7. How amazing would that be?

I know right?

But what if you are that cake maker I hear you cry. Well this process can still work for you. Create a brightly coloured money off coupon and attach that to a landing page.

Once they enter their email address they get the money off voucher delivered to their inbox that they can now spend with you on a cake of their choice. If they don’t redeem the voucher at least you have an email address that you can send other tempting offers to. (I will just point out that you do need to follow GDPR guidelines when marketing to customers via email. You can read all about that here).

Okay, I know this is a fantastic idea and I’m skating over it a little as there’s not really enough time or space to cover it properly in this post. But if you would like a step-by-step guide to show you how to get that all set up and working so that you can build a six-figure business in just 12 months, just complete the form below and get started today.

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I think you will agree, being able to inform and inspire your potential customer is what will help you to grow your business much faster and start making more money much more quickly.

In summary:

  • Inform your customer about what your products or service can do for them
  • Inspire them to take action and create a lead magnet to capture their email address
  • Build your list of leads by adding these emails to a list of subscribers
  • Follow up with that list to build an ongoing relationship and offer them more value
  • Start converting those leads into customers by offering even more value.

It’s all covered in my free guide above so make sure you grab your copy right now as I’d hate you to miss out on this amazingly simple system.

So that’s it from me for this post. I hope you have enjoyed it and if so I would love it if you would share it so that others can find and benefit from it too. I have included some social icons so please just click and share away.

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