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F is for Followers

In my last post we talked about how community is now the big thing online. Gone, it seems, are the days when you could throw a few offers at people and turn them into customers.

Today’s customers are far more discerning. They know what they want and what they like – and they know what they don’t want and don’t like.

The internet has been around for about 30 years now and we are getting used to seeing the same things over and over again. They don’t have the impact they once had. They have lost their edge, their wow factor and their element of surprise.

Today’s internet user wants to be courted. They want to feel special. They need to know that they are making the right choice from the right person and that there will be no regrets somewhere down the line.

All this nurturing and pandering takes time. Lots of time. So, I ask you, when are supposed to find the time to fit all that in?

Well I have a little bit of good news for you, but not much I’m afraid. The good news is that there are lots of ways to build a community with your leads or customers both online and offline. Here are a few:


  • Support groups – something that might support an end goal such as weight loss or fitness
  • Clubs (ie I have a free business club that I invite my past and present clients to where I give advice, hints and tips to help them out).
  • Networking groups – where people with the same interest can get together to talk and swop details.


  • Facebook groups
  • Forums
  • Debate sites like Quora or Reddit
  • Blogs
  • Social media platforms

So the good news is that there are lots of ways to build a community but the bad news is – THY ALL TAKE TIME!

A community has to have someone to lead it and structure it. That someone must be you. You will have to find the time in your schedule to grow and develop your community whether this is online or offline. This is important because it is what will get you those all important followers.

What is a follower and why do you need them

A follower is someone who has shown an interest in what you have to say or sell. They may have liked your Facebook Page, connected with you on LinkedIn, followed you on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest or joined one of your offline groups.

A follower is someone who could potentially be your next customer. Because they have already shown an interest in what you do they are much more likely to buy from you if the product or service is what they are looking for.

To increase your chances of turning them into a customer you should consider these things…

What do you want them to follow?

What are you doing on your social media sites or in your offline groups that you want them to follow? Why would they follow you? What are you offering them in exchange for their time?

What are you going to do with them once you’ve got them?

If you are not doing anything with them, there’s no point in having them

What do you think they are going to do for you?

They aren’t going to do anything for you. You have to do something for them!

You need to provide value. You need to provide support. You need to answer their questions. You need to take away a pain. You need to solve a problem.

So how can you do all this WITHOUT it taking up the whole of your available time?

  • Think of what it is that you are offering them. What problem are you solving for them?
  • Put your solution into a lead magnet – something that attracts their attention and gives you the opportunity to capture their email address.
  • Create a list on an email service provider such as Mailchimp
  • Attach your lead magnet to the list so that when someone completes the form and enters their email address it can be added to the list and you can send them an automated email series to start building that relationship with them.

Your email list could also be your community. It is a group of people who have said they are interested in what you have to offer because they have completed a form on a lead magnet. You are now able to start talking to these people and showing them what you can do for them and why you would be a great person to solve their problem.

Make sure that you are building a relationship with your followers. It’s no good just sending them offers and sales information. You need to prove to them that you are a genuine person. You need to show them that you can actually do what you say and solve their problem. You are going to have to demonstrate this in some way so that they can begin to trust you.

The good news is that if you do this properly you will get a far greater conversion rate from your followers than you ever did before.

I found this to be true when I was testing my new six-figure system. To prove the system worked I needed to increase the engagement rate I was currently getting from 20% to 30%. By doing this I could make more money and get more customers from the exact same amount of leads.

I would love to tell you all about this fantastic simple system but there just isn’t enough time or space to cover it in this post. But, if you would like to know more about it and how you can grow a six-figure business in just 12 months with no ad spend and using totally free strategies, please complete the form below to get a copy of my totally free guide. I couldn’t make it any easier for you if I tried.

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So remember getting followers is just the first step. You then need to engage with them if you are ever going to turn them into customers. The best and most modern way to engage with your followers is to form some sort of community where they can receive value from you and where you can show them your expertise in solving their problem

If you would like to learn how to grow an email list from scratch and get your first 100 subscribers I can thoroughly recommend Meera Kothand’s book where she teaches you everything you need to do to get those first subscribers. You can get your copy right here. I have taken a few of Meera’s courses and read lots of her stuff. She is easy to follow, gives loads of actionable steps and is very generous with her knowledge.

Okay so now it’s over to you. You need to go and decide where you are going to build your community. Are you going to have a list of subscribers that you can follow up with and keep in touch with over a long period of time on auto-pilot?

Or maybe a Facebook group is better for your customers? Or you could have a real world group like I run for my past and present clients in my local area. Whatever you decide it should be somewhere where you can continue to add value to those leads until they become customers.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and if so I would love it if you could share it so that others might get help from it too. Thank you in advance.

I’ll be back next week with the next in my alphabet series, this time it’s G. Make sure you look out for me, or why not subscribe to my blog and I’ll drop you a quick email to let you know when I’ve published it.


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