If you’re looking for a simple social media content strategy you’ve come to the right place, and here’s why…

Over the last 7 years or so I’ve helped over 2,000 businesses to create a simple, yet extremely effective social media content strategy that gets results and takes less than 15 minutes a day to manage once set up.

If you’re wondering what a social media content strategy is then that’s okay, I’ll explain it in simple English so that you understand what it is and what you have to do to create one for yourself

What is a social media content strategy?

A social media content strategy is simply a plan you put in place to produce content to share with your audience.

The content can be anything but here are 10 popular things to get you started:

  1. Story – This can literally be about ANYTHING.  It can be about you, your journey, your hopes, dreams and fears.  It can be about your family, your hobbies or anything else that will help your audience get to know you.
  2. Industry snippet – This is a piece of news that you can share about something that is going on in your industry right now. This shows that you are keeping up to date with things as well as sharing your knowledge with others.
  3. Throwback – This is something that you can share that shows where you were this time last year.  It could be a photograph, a video or even a text based post that says what you were doing then.
  4. Case studies – These are great for showing your audience what your product or service can do for them.  You can tell the story of previous clients (with their permission – or use made up names) and how your product helped them or what they were able to achieve because of the service you provided.
  5. Live-streams – These are great for Facebook users and are pretty much the only way your content will be shown across the platform for free these days.  They are also pretty good for helping your audience connect with you.  A live-stream lets them join in and ask questions or take part in the discussion.
  6. Videos – These are great for demonstrating your products.  Being able to see someone else using the product is the best way to promote it.  GoPro use this technique very effectively. They give away money and prizes to customers who send in their videos captured by their equipment.
  7. Testimonials – Sharing reviews, testimonials, comments, recommendations etc is a great way to build trust with your audience.  By seeing other people just like them getting results from your product or service will help them make up their minds to buy from you.
  8. Gifs – These are a great way to entertain your audience.  Gifs show you have a sense of fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.  They are also a great way to make people laugh – and if you can make someone laugh you’ve got a friend for life.
  9. Call to action posts – These are probably the most feared of all content.  This is where you actually go out and ask your audience to buy from you – eek!  I find that by far and away, my leads come from just this kind of post.  They may have been following me for a while and seeing all the other stuff I post, but when I post a call to action – they act!
  10. Carousels – These are a collection of images which if used effectively can tell a story, promote a particular product or service or showcase an upcoming event.

The strategy is the way you use the content – the plan you have for putting it all together.

For example: my strategy is this…

I post 4 times a day. I will post 1 x story, 1 x case study or video, 1 x social proof and 1 x call to action

I have chosen those particular types of posts because…

The story post helps my audience get to know me, where I’ve come from, where I’m going (hopefully), what I’ve struggled with and overcome along the way. My story is my way of sharing the personal side of my business with my audience.  I keep it business like though, there’s no need to share all your deepest darkest secrets with total strangers.

The case study shows what I can do by giving examples of how I’ve helped others and what they’ve achieved by working with me.  The video is a great way to build connections with an audience because they can see you as if you were in the room.  Body language, gestures intonations in the voice are all ways we connect with people in the real world – and it woks online too.

The social proof post helps me demonstrate how great I am and what amazing results my clients have got from working with me and adopting my methods and strategies. The more people who testify to how good I am the more likely I am to get the trust of my audience and so make more sales.

The call to action post does just that.  It encourages my audience to take action.  This may be join my Facebook group, take me up on my challenge, follow me on Instagram or click here to buy my product.  These posts are important and SHOULD NOT be avoided.  Make sure you know what you want your audience to do when they read the post and then put the appropriate call to action at the end – simple.

What does a good strategy include?

A good strategy is one that will meet your customers at different points in their buying cycle so that wherever they are you have something to say to them.

Let me put that in context to make it easier to understand…

My story posts are not designed to sell.  They are designed to build a connection with my audience.  These posts are designed for people who don’t even know they have a problem to be fixed, but by reading my posts they get to know what I do for others and it makes them start to think that maybe they should look at something similar.

My case studies are for those who know they have a problem and are looking around for someone suitable to fix it for them.  My case studies help demonstrate what I can do and the outcomes I can get for my clients.

My social proof posts are for those who are wavering on who to buy from .  They are looking around the internet and social media for something that lets them know they are making the right decision. They need to justify their purchase to themselves and they need to know they will be getting good value for money.  My posts demonstrate that it’s not just me saying how great I am but all those other people too, who’s social media content strategy problem I’ve solved.

My call to action posts are for those who are ready to click “buy now” and get the ball rolling.  These posts would not attract the attention of someone who is just looking around because they aren’t ready to buy yet.

A good social media content strategy is one that has a plan.  You should know what you are trying to achieve with your strategy and then plan your content accordingly.

Here’s a quick tip to get you started if you’ve no clue how to begin…

Your posts should get people to ACT

A – Attract. Getting your audiences attention is key to building relationships and making sales.

C – Connect. Getting your audience to connect with you is what will drive your business success. When audiences connect they are engaged and will therefore share and support your content which means it gets to an even larger audience.

T – Teach. Teaching your audience something is crucial.  This doesn’t mean just “How To” posts, it can be teaching them about you (your story) your offers, your services, your methods etc.

And then finally, you want them to ACT. They must take action if you are going to make a sale. This is where your call to action posts kick in.

If you can choose content that does one of these things and then mix them together you will be on the right track.

How to create a social media content strategy

Now that you know the basics it’s time to get started on building your own social media content strategy and here’s how to do it in 5 simple steps.

  1. Know your customer.  You must know EXACTLY who your customer is if you want to create content that will attract them, get then to connect and buy from you.  You need to know everything about them.  You need to know them as well as you know yourself.  Okay, that’s a bit of a tough one so I’ve created a free guide for you to use to help you with this exercise. You can grab it right here
  2. Get your customer to follow you.  This is CRUCIAL for your social media content strategy to work.  If you get random people to follow you they will never be interested in what you have to say and so will never comment, share or engage with your content.  Instead, go out and get your ideal customers to follow you and build an audience of future fans who will love what you have for sale.  Again, this may be a step too far for you right now so here’s another free guide that will show you exactly how to do this and get them following you fast too!  Grab your copy here.
  3. Decide which problem you are going to solve for your customer.  What is it that your ideal customer is looking for right now? What problem do they have? How is your product or service going to help? Will it help them save time or money or both? Will it help them to transition from one place in their life to another?  Just choose ONE problem for now and promote your solution for that. If you are a product based business choose the product that solves the biggest or the most problems for your customer and run with that. Once you’ve got the hang of your social media content strategy you can just rinse and repeat for other products and services that you have.
  4. Create content that speaks to them directly about THAT BIG PROBLEM and how you can solve it. Remember you are trying to get them to ACT so you need to Attract, Connect and Teach and then hit them with your call to action.
  5. Post often enough for your content to be seen by your audience. This is where most businesses fail. They are not posting nearly often enough so not enough people are getting to hear about their wonderful products and services. Each post you publish will initially be shown to around 2% of your audience. Yep 2% – a tiny weeny proportion of the people who follow you.This means that to get your content in front of enough people who may be ready to make a purchase, you will need to post consistently and often.

Is there someone who can just show me what to do and how to do it?

Knowing WHAT to do is one thing isn’t it? If you’re anything like me you’ll want someone you can trust to show you HOW to do it – am I right?

I get so frustrated when I’m trying to learn new things because it always takes so blooming long – and I’ve got a business to run and other things to be doing with my time as I’m sure you have.

I’m always looking for someone to actually show me what to do AND exactly how to do it.  I want step-by-step instructions and guides and someone to ask if I mess up.

So, I decided rather than creating a 20,000 word post I would put everything I know into a simple, straight forward course which you can access right here right now!

If you’ve already tried my free guides you will know just how simple this is going to be.  The course (or Boot Camp as I prefer to call it) consists of:

  • 5 modules that that are designed to be taken over the course of 5 days
  • One simple task to be done each day (should take no more than 20 minutes)
  • A video tutorial to tell you exactly what you need to do and exactly how to do it PLUS the rationale behind the task and how it fits into the bigger picture
  • Worksheets and guides to help you implement the tasks as quickly and easily as possible
  • Bonus tasks each day for those who really want to ramp up their results
  • PLUS you will be invited to join me in my private Facebook group where you can shout up for help if and when you need it, get feedback on your tasks or just get that all important second opinion before you post something.

You get all this for the tiny investment of just £27

I wanted to make it as much of a no-brainer as possible without it being free.  I’ve found that people who get stuff for free don’t make full use of it as they don’t always see the value in it. I also question why I should invest in your business if you’re not prepared to do so?

So, there you are.  My fully guaranteed, fully supportive 5-day social media content strategy challenge. Are you ready to start making more sales from social media?

Great! Then click the link below to get started right now!



See you in there xox