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Build Your Business

The Business Builder Mentoring Programme will take you from unheard of to sold out in just six months. We work together to build your brand awareness, create demand for your product or service and create a fully automated lead generation system.  Your website, logo and social media is also taken care of.

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Grow Your Business

The Business Builder Growth Audit will identify areas for improvement in your marketing strategy and give you a complete breakdown of what you need to do to improve your chances of generating new leads and attracting new clients so that you can grow your business quickly and easily.

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Scale Your Business

The Business Builder Mentoring Programme incorporates The Business Builder S.E.L.L. System as well as other proven methodologies to take your business to the next level, whether that be increasing turnover, implementing systems and procedures or automating much of what you currently do manually.

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A little about us

Helping you increase your turnover without having to increase your staff, financial investment or your time in the office

The business builder has been helping business owners to increase their turnover for the last 8 years by helping them identify gaps in their marketing that are allowing potential sales to slip through un-noticed. We help you implement strategies to plug the gaps so that you can increase your turnover without having to increase your workload.

We offer one-to-one mentoring support that takes you from figuring out where the gaps are right through to creating and implementing the strategies needed to plug them so that you are maximising every opportunity in your customer journey. You also get all the tech support you need along the way.

In other words, we take the guesswork out of the whole process so that you achieve results far more quickly and with much less fuss.

We are also extremely proud to have introduced our amazing 4-step S.E.L.L System which means we can get the whole thing done in just 4 WEEKS! Book a free call to ask me how.

With over 30 years business management experience and 10 of those running my own business, a training qualification, a coaching qualification, 3 training awards and an honours degree in psychology; you couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to finding someone to help you to grow your business.

The 4-Step S.E.L.L. System 

Stand Out

I am going to help you quickly and easily attract the attention of your dream customers by working with you to create messaging that connects and offers that they simply can’t refuse.


I am going to help you come up with introductory offers that engage your ideal clients and make it a complete no-brainer to work with you so that you can sell your products and services quicker and easier. 



I  am going to share with you ALL the tactics we use to leverage our leads so that you can turn more of them into paying customers so that you can get more from your marketing efforts

Level Up

I will work with you to come up with ideas for how you can level up your business by keeping customers in your world so that you can turn them into repeat buyers, brand ambassadors and your biggest fans who will then do your selling for you.

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How We Help Local Female Entrepreneurs

We offer support, encouragement, training and networking all rolled into one in our fabulous community of female entrepreneurs. If you live in Worcester or the West Midlands why not email us to see how you can get involved.

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Come and talk to me to find out how we can help you grow your business as quickly and effortlessly as possible! Whether you’re looking for an online course, a one-to-one mentoring programme or a full “done for you” service we can help. Just book a call and find out more! just click the button below 👇

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This FREE video shares the 5 most common things my clients wished they’d known about before they started their online business

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Support For Small Businesses in Worcester

Support For Small Businesses in Worcester

There is plenty of support for small businesses in Worcester but at The Business Builder we like to do things a little differently. We are NOT coaches. I don't have the patience to coach, I'm a hands on person who gets stuck in there with you to get things moving in...

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Why Every Newly Qualified Coach Needs A Mentor

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Helping Worcester Businesses Grow

Helping Worcester Businesses Grow

The Business Builder is helping Worcester businesses to grow by working with them to identify and plug the holes that are letting leads and sales slip through unnoticed. Imagine being able to 2x 3x or 5x your turnover simply by tweaking your current processes and...

How To Use Your Vision and Mission To Build Your Business

How To Use Your Vision and Mission To Build Your Business

This blog post is going to help you come up with a definitive reason for why your business exists and what it’s trying to achieve, and as part of that process we will be looking at your vision and mission statements. But you may well be wondering why creating a vision...

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Hi there, I'm Lynne, Lynne Thomas and I take brand new business owners from concept to cash in the bank in just 4 weeks! Wow! That's a pretty big boast isn't it? But to be fair, it is entirely possible to achieve this and many others already have because it is simply...

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