Ricki came to the course with just an outlying plan of what she wanted. Check out her shop at www.aeacollections.co.uk
Lisa had an idea of what her business should be, but had no idea how to connect all the parts to make it work. www.littleartisanstudio.co.uk
Lisa had been in business for about 2 years but her model just wasn’t working for her. We structured her whole business and now it’s streamlined and working on auto-pilot www.preciousgemswellbeing.co.uk
Maleka had very clear ideas about how she wanted her business to be presented, but hadn’t any idea how to translate that into an online presence. She is now the proud owner of a new website and business model www.mylifenaturals.co.uk
Sarah wanted to be able to create a business around the skin care products that she had created. She needed her whole business to be created from scratch. We did it, in just one week. Check her products out at www.orgreennaturals.co.uk