What is the general demographic of Pinterest users?

If you have been wondering who uses Pinterest and what the general demographic of Pinterest user is you are in the right place.

Pinterest has come a long way since its early days of recipes and knitting patterns. Businesses are now using Pinterest as a serious platform for marketing their products and services. Here are some amazing statistics recently researched by Social Sprout…

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5-day Course in Online Marketing

How long have you been deliberating over how best to promote your business online?

How much money have you spent on PPC or Facebook ads that have generated NOTHING in return?
That’s time and money that could have been dedicated to generating income and growing your business.

So, stop messing about and come and join my Business Builder 5-day course in online marketing where I’ll help you to get it all sorted. Just choose the week you want to attend and click the link to book yourself in. There are only 4 spaces available each month so don’t leave it too late.

I feel for you, I do, I was there myself a few years ago. I seemed to go around in circles trying one thing and another and getting little or no results. I was frustrated and beginning to think that maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a business owner. Can you relate to this?

You probably can. Most business owners do at some point, and sadly that is why over 80% of new businesses fail in their first 5 years (soure: Companies House research)

It’s not that the business idea isn’t sound or that the product or service that they offer isn’t wanted. It is simply that business owners give up their businesses because no matter what they try, they just can’t make them work.

I know for a fact that this is true. I have spent the last 5 or so years working with new and small business owners helping them to become successful at online marketing. Most of them tell me that I am their last hope (no pressure then).

Most tell me that they have tried Facbook advertising, Google Ads, newspaper or magazine advertising and pretty much anything else they can think of. They have also tried all the free strategies such as social media posting, blogging, email marketing and so on. Nothing, it seems would work for them.

This is a very common story. Far more common than I would have ever thought possible. I mean, how can so many people be getting it wrong? Well the truth is they aren’t and here’s why…

Each strategy is great on its own if that’s all you do. If all you do all day every day is sit on Facebook posting, liking other people’s posts, commenting and messaging then that’s fine. But what if you don’t have time for that?

Blogging is an extremely effective way of promoting your products or services online – but it takes hours to research and write a blog post, and you need loads of them. Who has the time for that?

Email marketing is a very effective way of building relationships with existing leads and customers, but it takes ages to think of what to write in your weekly email or monthly newsletter and who has time for that?

What those business owners needed, and what this course offers, is a solution to that “nothing works” problem. They needed:

  • Someone to show them what to do and how to do it
  • A way of knowing how to use social media effectively to capture sales
  • Someone to tell them the strategies that are currently working so they’re not wasting their time on stuff that doesn’t bring in results or is outdated and therefore looks unprofessional
  • One short course that teaches them everything they need to know instead of having to pay out for several different courses
  • Someone to actually show them exactly what to do online to generate leads and sales
  • Someone who can actually help them get the results they want

Before you decide whether this course is for you, consider the following three questions…

Are you someone who likes to leave things to chance or do you prefer to know from the outset that things will work?

Are you someone who doesn’t mind how long something takes or do you prefer instant solutions?

Are you someone who is happy to figure everything out yourself or would you prefer someone who has already done it to show you how?

If you turned out to be one of those people who prefer to know that something is going to work from the outset, that it won’t take forever to achieve and would prefer someone to show you exactly how to do it, this course if definitely for you.

Here’s what we cover in the 5 days:

  • Website: Making sure it is operating legally and has all the necessary disclaimers, policies and cookie consents. We also look at how you can use it as a lead magnet to capture email addresses from potential customers.
  • Lead magnets and landing pages: We will look at developing a hook and a lead magnet for your business that will encourage your ideal customers to contact you for more information.
  • Social Media: We will look at how you are using your social media and whether it is an effective strategy. We will also develop a strategy to turn your social media profiles into a lead generating system for your business.
  • Your onboarding and CRM System: We will make sure that you are looking after those hard won leads and introducing them to your business in the most professional and helpful way.
  • Your Blog: We will turn your blog into a personal cash machine by using it to sell both your own and other people’s products and services. Extra income streams mean more profit for the same amount of work.

Interested? I mean why wouldn’t you be right? EVERYTHING you need to know to market your business online successfully and ALL IN ONE PLACE and all for the tiny amount of just £500 – for the whole week!

So, how do you get started? Simple, just pick the date that you would like to attend and click the link. It will take you straight to the registration page to make your booking. There are ONLY 4 SPACES per month so don’t leave it too late.

Choose the week you want to attend:

Got some questions? I’d be pleased to have a chat, just call me on 07736 396519 or drop me an email at info@thebusinessbuilderonline.com

I can’t wait to start working with you and showing you what you can achieve when you start doing things in the right way at the right time 🙂

Business Coaching, But Different

Are you looking for business coaching that goes above and beyond the normal planning and action point setting?

I don’t know about you but I get really fed up when I pay for coaching and all I get is a “to do list” at the end of the session. I want my coach to actually help me to implement these action points and not just leave me floundering and wondering what to do next. I mean, you wouldn’t dream of hiring a tennis coach who didn’t show you how to play tennis would you?

I found it really difficult to find one who was willing to actually help me to implement anything we had discussed. They seemed to be an expert at talking and getting me to think about things but not much else. I became really frustrated so here’s what I did…

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