It’s Tough Starting a New Business

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Welcome to The Business Builder Online Blog.  This blog is all about starting and running a new business, particularly the online bits of business building, you know, the bit that causes most of the headaches for new business owners.

I have built my business around the lessons I learnt as a new business owner, the mistakes I made, the money I wasted and the time I spent doing all sorts of stuff that I didn’t need to do. Can you relate to any of this yet? Well I can pretty much guarantee that you soon will.

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How you Can Drive Sales Using Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to Google in that it is a search engine rather than a social media platform. This means that you do similar things on Pinterest to drive sales as you would on Google.

First you need to make sure you are using keywords which will enable your potential customers to find your pins. You can check out some good keywords by doing your own search in Pinterest. Just put something that you would search for to find you in the search bar like this for example:

As you can see, Pinterest will make suggestions about what else you could include as your keywords for example “Holiday destinations” “European holidays” “Summer holidays”. It also shares some boards and people with holidays in their names. These can be useful sources of information to get even more ideas for your keywords and how to present your pins.

The next thing is the pin itself. It needs to be attractive and clickable. To find out what is trending simply put your search into Pinterest and look at the results. What do you see? Are there particular colours that are being used. Are there particular types of images that are showing up? Look at the pins and see which one you would be most likely to click on and then ask yourself what it is about that pin that attracts you to it.

The headline needs to be eye-catching and attention grabbing. The fewer words the better (5 – 8). Include words that evoke emotion as this is what drives most of us to buy something. You can get a free headline analysing tool here Advanced Marketing Institute – Headline Analyzer

After you create your clickable pin you need to give it a description. As you are trying to drive sales the description should outline the benefits to the reader of your product or service. How will it help them to overcome a pain point or how will solve a problem for them. Your description should also include all those keywords you found in your research. If you can’t put them into coherent sentences just add them in as hashtags at the end. Don’t use more than 5 hashtags per pin as it can look spammy.

Make sure that you make the buying process as easy as possible for your viewer. They should be able to click your pin and then end up on the exact page where they can make their purchase. The more clicks they have to make the less likely they are to actually get to the buy button. The page may be a sales page, an Amazon listing or a page on your website where the product is described in more detail.

Also make sure your images are the same on your pin as they are on your sales page. If someone sees one image on the pin and another when they click through, they may think they are in the wrong place and bounce off your sales page. People DON’T spend time on websites trying to find things.

Also try split testing your pins. Create a couple using different images, keywords, headlines and descriptions. See which one does better and then tweak that again. Change the image, then recreate it and change the description etc. Keep doing this until you have a clear winner. This one will drive the most sales for you.

If you are in the UK why not come along to one of my Pinterest masterclasses where I will help you to set up your profile and create amazing pins that get clicked and shared. You can find out when the next one is and book your place here. If you are not able to attend my course I have a great book that I can recommend that will help you get started on Pinterest. *You can get it here.

*this is an affiliate link which means that if you use the link to purchase the book I will be paid a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay as the commission comes direct from Amazon and I only recommend things I have used myself and found value in.

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A – Z Of Business Basics (J)

Hello and welcome to my business basics series of posts about starting a business and my A – Z of what I consider to be the basics that you need to be working on. This is the tenth post in the series so obviously – J

You can catch up with the ones you missed by using the search bar in this blog.

J is for Justify

Running your own business is never easy. There are lots of things that go wrong and cause frustration. There are lots of things to learn. There are lots of things that you need to become accomplished at or you need to find people who are accomplished to help you out.

In other words, it is not going to be an easy ride, no matter what others have told you. You are going to need to Justify why you decided to run your own business as this is what will keep you going on those toughest of days.

When I was being mentored in my early days, my mentor said I needed to find my why. I needed to know exactly why I wanted my own business and what achieving a successful business would mean to me.

To begin with I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I mean, I had lots of ideas about why I didn’t want to work for someone else, but I didn’t really have a very strong why I wanted to be a business owner.

I was tasked with figuring it out before seeing my mentor again as he said this would drive my whole attitude and keep me focused on my end goal. It sounded like it was probably an important thing to consider so I spent some time thinking about it.

I then figured out that my why was not so much that I didn’t want to work for someone else but rather the sense of freedom owning my own business would give me. The more I thought about it, the more I knew this was my why.

I wanted to be able to work when I like, from wherever I like, with whom I like and earn what I like. I didn’t want to be restricted and governed by someone else’s idea of what I should or could be able to achieve from my own efforts.

I had my why. It was a strong why. It was going to keep me going when things got tough. I was determined to create my own freedom and have a career that I could fit into my life rather than a life I had to fit into my job.

So what is your why? Why did you decide to give up a regular income, regular hours and a sense of security to become self-employed? There’s no right answer here. Everyone has a different reason and you must be clear about yours.

Here are some of the reasons that my clients have given me over the years:

  • I want to be at home for the kids after school
  • I want to be able to earn more than my current job allows me
  • I want more freedom to be able to choose the hours I work
  • I want a better work/life balance
  • I know I can make better use of my qualifications
  • I am fed up of making other people rich
  • I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world

For most of my clients there seems to be an underlying need for a more balanced lifestyle. Most feel they are working too many hours or they feel they should be paid more for their efforts.

I have to say that running your own business is not going to mean that you work less hours, in fact, you will probably have to work more, at least to begin with.

You will also not get paid a fat lot for all the effort you have to put in, at least not in the beginning.

You will find that you are learning more than you ever had to at work and that you are having to implement what you learn and make massive mistakes too.

This is why you need to be able to justify your decision to become self-employed and run your own business. You will need to lean heavily on this justification for many, many months while you are growing your new business.

Remember, it takes about 2 years to start replacing your income from your previous employment. Businesses take a long time to take off and make a profit – even if you work exclusively online and so have very little in the way of outgoings.

Having your reason for doing this crazy thing of running a business planted squarely in your mind is going to help you to stay on track, stay focused and take the actions you are going to need to take in order to make a success of your business.

Okay, did I hear a groan when I said it was going to take 2 years? I usually do get a groan when I say that, but unfortunately it is the truth. Go to any networking event and ask the people in the room how long it took before they started turning a profit.

Of course, there are faster ways to become profitable. You could do what I did and hire a mentor to show you exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it, for me it was invaluable and saved me YEARS of messing about.

For others, courses are an option. Courses usually cost a lot less than a mentor as you are not being helped on a one-to-one basis.

Or I have another option for you – it’s kind of a mixture of both…

After hearing that groan so many times and realising that it was one of the biggest reasons why new businesses fail, I decided to build my business around helping others to become profitable faster.

I’ve recently created a simple 3 step system that helps new business owners build a six-figure business in just 12 months. When I say simple, I mean simple. I would love to tell you all about it right now as I am so excited about it, but there’s not enough time or space in this post.

I have, however, created a free guide that tells you all about it and walks you through the first step to get you started. If you’re interested in learning about this simple system please grab you guide by completing the form below. Like I said it’s FREE!

So now you need to go and think about your why! When you ask yourself why you are doing this (which you will), you will be able to answer because…………

I keep myself going on bad days by reminding myself that I am sitting here in my home office all nice and comfortable with a cup of tea and few biscuits on my desk instead of having to spend over an hour commuting to work each day and then home again.

I also remind myself that I don’t need to book leave. I can take my holidays or have days off whenever I feel like it.

I also remind myself that when I’m sitting on the beach in Mexico in 5 weeks and 6 days time (not that I’m counting) I can still take care of my business because it is mostly automated and runs from apps on my phone – How cool is that?

That’s it from me for now. I’ll be back next week with the next letter in my alphabet of business basics which is K. Make sure you look out for it or why not subscribe to my blog and I’ll drop you a quick email when I’ve published something.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and will go away now and really work on your why. If you did enjoy it I would love it if you would share it so that others can enjoy it too. I have included some social icons so please just click and share away.


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Get A Privacy Policy For £30

Do you need to get a privacy policy? If you have built a new website or started a new blog then the answer is yes.

May 2018 saw the introduction of GDPR in Europe and the UK. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means that you have to declare what data you are collecting and processing on your website and how this data is being stored and used. (learn more about GDPR here)

Your website privacy policy also needs to declare what cookies your website is using. If you don’t know what cookies your site is using, or whether your site is GDPR compliant you can check it out for free here.

Can you just go and copy someone else’s privacy policy?

No. Firstly it is illegal to steal someone else’s intellectual property and secondly the policy has to include information about your own site which will be different from someone else’s site.

Where can you get your privacy policy from?

There are various online sites that offer privacy policies but they are either really expensive or they do not actually produce GDPR compliant policies. USA and Canada have very different rules about data protection and you need to be sure that if you are operating a website in the UK (or your website is likely to be found in the UK or other European country) that your policy is complaint and contains the correct information.

You can go and seek legal advice and get a privacy policy written for you by a solicitor or lawyer. This is also going to cost quite a lot of money as solicitors usually charge about £200 per hour.

Or I can produce one for you for just £30. This is guaranteed to be GDPR compliant as I have worked with a solicitor to produce it. It contains all the correct terminology and has all the required sections that tell your visitors about how their data is collected, stored and used as well as what cookies your site uses and how this affects your visitors.

All you need to do to take me up on this offer is:

  • Download the questionnaire below and complete the information about your website, cookies, data etc.
  • You then email the questionnaire back to me at the address shown.
  • I will prepare a draft copy for your approval and send it to the email you list on the questionnaire
  • You then check it and confirm that you are happy with it
  • I send you an invoice for £30 which is payable before you receive the final copy
  • I then take off the watermarks and send you a word and PDF copy of your privacy policy that you can insert into your website.
  • The whole process usually takes about 48 hours (depending on how quickly you confirm the order and pay your invoice)

That’s all there is to it. A fully GDPR compliant privacy policy for just £30 in 2 days.

Just click the button below to start the process and download your questionnaire.

Get your privacy policy created here for just £30!

Please Help Me Support 250 Businesses In 12 Months!

Would you like to help me support 250 businesses in the next 12 months? I am looking for people who would be willing to donate a small amount of money to help struggling new business owners and entrepreneurs in the West Midlands or wider area.

I have set a goal to raise enough money to be able to help 250 small businesses and startups in the West Midlands over the next 12 months. This funding will enable me to continue to run free workshops, offer mentoring and practical support to new and small businesses as well as enable me to continue to create and develop new free tools to aid their success – especially online.

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3 Quick Tips To Massively Increase Traffic To Your New Website

Are you looking for a few simple ways to massively increase traffic to your new website or blog? Great, read on coz this post is for you…

I will show you 3 simple and quick tips to massively increase traffic to your new website without you having to do much more than you are already doing. Interested? Of course you are, so read on my friend…

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