How you Can Drive Sales Using Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to Google in that it is a search engine rather than a social media platform. This means that you do similar things on Pinterest to drive sales as you would on Google.

First you need to make sure you are using keywords which will enable your potential customers to find your pins. You can check out some good keywords by doing your own search in Pinterest. Just put something that you would search for to find you in the search bar like this for example:

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What is the general demographic of Pinterest users?

If you have been wondering who uses Pinterest and what the general demographic of Pinterest user is you are in the right place.

Pinterest has come a long way since its early days of recipes and knitting patterns. Businesses are now using Pinterest as a serious platform for marketing their products and services. Here are some amazing statistics recently researched by Social Sprout…

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3 Reasons Why A Free Privacy Policy Will Hurt Your Blog

There are at least 3 reasons why a free privacy policy will hurt your blog, but I’m sure you might be able to think of more once you’ve finished reading this post.

I have listed the 3 reasons in no particular order except how they come to mind but they are probably all as important as each other in one way or another. You might not have thought about reason number 3 but it can be the death knell of your blog…

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Get A Privacy Policy For £30

Do you need to get a privacy policy? If you have built a new website or started a new blog then the answer is yes.

May 2018 saw the introduction of GDPR in Europe and the UK. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means that you have to declare what data you are collecting and processing on your website and how this data is being stored and used. (learn more about GDPR here)

Your website privacy policy also needs to declare what cookies your website is using. If you don’t know what cookies your site is using, or whether your site is GDPR compliant you can check it out for free here.

Can you just go and copy someone else’s privacy policy?

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